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True Blood - Recap & Review - To Love Is To Bury

True Blood
To Love is To Bury

Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2008

Andi - TwoCents Reviewer

It was an interesting week in Bon Temps, Louisiana. There’s a road trip and a confession. Lots of people take dirt naps and Bill gets parenting advice from Eric. Good times.

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  1. True Blood
    To Love is To Bury

    Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2008

    Andi - TwoCents Reviewer

    It was an interesting week in Bon Temps, Louisiana. There’s a road trip and a confession. Lots of people take dirt naps and Bill gets parenting advice from Eric. Good times.

    Graveyard. Bill is digging while Pam oversees his progress. They trade barbs a few times and Bill is a big, friggen baby, whining and emoting all over the place. Woe is you, Bill. Pam, refreshingly un-emo, kicks Jessica, literally, into the grave and Bill whines at her some more before climbing in and… what? Is he spooning with that (un)dead girl? Huh, this is new and weird. I really hope this isn’t the kind of spooning that leads to forking. Pam shovels dirt over them, snarking all the while.

    At Sookie’s, Sam is trying to call Tara, worried that she’s drunk in a ditch somewhere, which is exactly where she is so good on you Sam. He leaves a message and Sookie comes into the living room with sheets and blankets. Aww, poor Sam, is he not allowed on the bed anymore? They talk about Sookie’s attack and she says she got some garbled images of another murdered girl in the killer’s thoughts. Unfortunately, she can’t exactly pin point any helpful specifics.

    Meanwhile, Tara is getting hauled downtown by Officer Kenya (where’s Kenya’s partner Kevin?) on drunk driving charges.

    Cut to the other, less intelligent Stackhouse house (is that redundant?), where Jason and Amy are cleaning up the detritus that was once Eddie, which is pretty much disgusting and horrible. They argue, but it’s mostly just back and forth about who’s at fault.

    In the morning, Sookie and Sam decide to follow up a lead on the killer. She remembered that the girl from the man’s thoughts was called Cindy and she wore a uniform from Big Patty’s Pie House, which is apparently way down south. Road trip!!

    Cut to nasty, stringy Vampire remains being fed down the garbage disposal and if that didn’t make you flinch or laugh hysterically, there’s something wrong with you. Jason comes in while Amy’s clogging the drains with a bottle of Drain-O. Okay, maybe not that last bit. He heads straight for the fridge and breaks all the little vials of V, telling Amy if she doesn’t like it she can leave. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that sound you heard was the gasp of millions, as we discover that Jason Stackhouse does, in fact, have some brain activity!

    At Merlotte’s, Lafayette is painting his toenails when he catches his senator friend on TV speaking out against Vampire Rights, but Terry just wants to watch HGTV dang it!

    Cut to Big Patty’s Pie House and this scene must be an homage to Fargo. There’s a blonde girl with a heavy accent and a vacant expression staring right at the camera and being completely unhelpful. I kept expecting her to say, “Yeah. He was funny lookin’.” Anyway, Sam and Sookie get help from a Pie House regular. He tells them that Cindy was strangled and that her brother Drew Marshall was a suspect but there was never enough evidence.

    Back in Bon Temps, Tara’s in lockup trying to get her Mama to come bail her out and Jason spills about Amy’s V habit to Hoyt and Rene.

    Sookie and Sam hotfoot it over to the Police Station in Bunke (or wherever they are), looking for a picture of this Drew Marshall character. The officer gives Sookie a hard time about her bite marks, but she blackmails him with the knowledge of his extramarital activities, which is pretty much always helpful. He agrees to fax the picture of Marshall up to Bon Temps when he finds it.

    Lafayette, having found the senator’s stance on Vampire right and the use of V hypocritical and offensive, stops in at the Hilton for the politician’s meet and greet. Lafayette’s awesome, let me just remind you all. He lays some smack down Marc Antony style. These are honorable men, he all but says. Go you, Lafayette!

    Cut to a nicely set table with a very yummy and un-vegan, un-organic looking meal laid out. Uh oh, Amy, your carbon footprint is getting bigger! Don’t worry; pretty soon you won’t have one at all. Anyway, she made dinner to apologize and set things right. And here I was thinking that the way to a man’s heart wasn’t really through his stomach. My bad. She ruins her attempt to make nice when she pulls out one saved drop of V, but then manages to calm Jason back down and convince him that they can do it just one more time. Spoken like a true addict.

    Oh, look, it’s Bill again. Except now he’s sitting on a tree stump waiting for his new baby to birth herself from the Earth. Hang on; he was buried with her and now he’s just sitting there clean as can be? Isn’t that the same outfit he was buried in? Oops, sorry, I forgot about the logic not existing here. Look! Earth Birth!

    Sookie and Sam are driving home and they get all like philosophical and stuff. Sookie says she loves Bill, but OMG he’s so mean for being gone for like two days and like not even like calling! And Sam’s all, IKR and I just want a BFF 4ever IYKWIM. But it’s like life is all unfair and stuff.

    Back in the birthing cemetery, Jessica appears to go through all the stages of human emotional development in about ten minutes. These are characterized by the following lines: “Ew, you said intercourse.” “No!” “Why? Why? Why?” “No more rules? I can do whatever I want!” “Crap on your rules!” “Fuck, ooh, that’s a bad word! Fuck! Fuck!” “You are so mean!” Hee hee! Anyway, Bill follows Jessica around having one of those round about, never ending conversations that reminds me of adolescence until finally he’s had about enough. Congratulations, Bill, you’re a parent.

    Back in the Bon Temps pokey, Lettie Mae shows up and imparts some ill-advised wisdom including but not limited to, “this is for your own good,” “you’ll thank me later,” “don’t bother coming home,” and “you just stay here and think about what you’ve done.” Given that later on Mary Ann Forrester (AKA the Maenad with the big pig) bails Tara out and puts her up in a big white mansion, I think those words of wisdom are a little lost.

    Over at Jason’s, he and Amy are having a hallucination that involves him running on a lawn in his tighty-whities, so I suppose we’ve filled our quota of Jason Skin for the episode. But uh oh, there’s a Carhart-clad man strangling Amy in her V induced sleep! Jason, of course, wakes up to find her dead. He and Sam Winchester should start a support group for men whose lovers always end up dead. What? It’s true! So, Jason turns himself into the cops, having no idea how he killed her or anyone else, but thinking he must have done it.

    Bill is at Fangtasia trying to unload his offspring because 1) She annoys him and 2) He wants to get back to Sookie. Eric tells Bill to “man up” and then gives Bill pointers on how to handle the newbie. But now I’m distracted because Eric is taking off articles of clothing. I did catch something about Bill owing Eric for watching his little heathen, though. Hang on while I rewind that.

    So, back to matters at hand. Bill burns asphalt over to Sookie’s and finds her making out with Sam on the couch, which doesn’t really go over all that well. He and Sam tussle a bit and I wonder why Sam doesn’t just change into a lion or a bear or something, but then I remember that they changed the rules and he needs a live animal around as an example. Lame. But Sookie’s still mad at Bill for not calling and rescinds his invitation, sending him walking backwards out the door.

    Over at the police station, that picture of Drew Marshall comes in and it’s… wait for it…RENE!

    Okay, who didn’t know it was Rene? And weren’t the Bill and Jessica interactions the best part of this week’s episode? Got two cents to share? Pay up here!

  2. i think it was sam

  3. I know it's too late and you probably won't read this, but anyway, YES! the Jessica and Bill scene was the best. I watched it over and over and loved her.
    BTW, love your reviews.


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