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Survivor – Recap & Review – "Apple in the Garden of Eden"

Survivor: Gabon

Apple in the Garden of Eden

Original Air Date: 6 November 2008

Rachel – Two Cents Senior Staff Writer

Whenever the castaways on Survivor are 100% sure about something, they are 100% wrong. So when both tribes received tree mail about a combined feast on the beach with no mention of the actual word “merge” and everybody started using the word “merge” freely, I knew there would be no such “merge.” I also knew that the alliances set up so deftly before the feast would last no more than twelve hours. I, unlike those wacky castaways, was 100% right.

And did I mention that, as a group, the castaways found a Hidden Immunity Idol and decided to throw it into the ocean? Yep... you read that right.

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  1. The Top 10 Things I Learned About the Castaways of Survivor: Gabon

    1. Charlie [Koto then Fang] Believing strongly in the “Koto Six,” Charlie went into the tribe re-shuffle confident. The original Koto still had the majority in each new tribe. Surely, they could pick off Old Fang one by one, right? Right?

    2. Corrine [Koto then Fang] Annoyed with Susie (“I want to bury her alive”), Corrine was grateful when the tribes didn’t merge but got mixed up. She can get rid of Susie once the Koto Six is the Final Six, right? Right?

    3. Randy [Koto then Fang] Still in my top two of most annoying castaways this season (for the other one, see number 9 below), Randy would not shut up. “I’m King of Gabon!” he declared. Someone vote this guy out, please! But, the Koto Six is strong, right? Right?

    4. Sugar [Fang] Realizing that she had been played by Ken and Crystal, Sugar broke down in tears regretting her decision to turn on Ace at the last Tribal Council. Pull it together, girl, you are my pick to win if you can just keep your wits about you! Go Team Pin-Up!

    5. Matty [Fang] Knowing that he was on the chopping block if his new tribe went to Tribal Council, Matty fought through the pain and won Immunity for the New Fang. He’s safe. For now.

    6. Crystal [Fang then Koto] What a bitter woman. All she does is glare and scheme and lie. Anything to win, right? Let me take this opportunity to express my disappointment in the main flaw of Survivor: the one who should win almost never does. The one who is a jerk usually does. **sigh**

    7. Ken [Fang then Koto] How annoying is he? I can’t believe he was so surprised that he was being targeted for elimination. Here’s another one who might win because of the jerk factor.

    8. Bob [Koto] Also at ease with the alliance of the “Koto Six,” Bob has no worries. He’ll do whatever Marcus tells him to. It’s all just business as they get rid of the Old Fang, right? Right?

    9. Susie [Koto] Another member of the “Koto Six,” Susie realizes that once it’s down to the Final Six, she’ll be gone. She can go with her original alliance and vote Ken, or flip and vote with Crystal and Ken for Marcus. She wouldn’t do that to the “Koto Six,” right? Right?

    10. Marcus [Koto] Wrong. They were all wrong. Marcus was blindsided at Tribal Council and became the first member of the Jury. He should have at least been in the Final Four, people! Come on!

    What do YOU think? Has the game of Survivor always emphasized the “Outwit” part too much? Who should go home next? Is that different from the person you WANT to go next? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll use it to drown our sorrows in a chocolate milkshake.

    Next week: “The Brains Behind Everything”


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