Friday, November 7, 2008

ER - "Oh, Brother" - Begs the Question

Last night's episode of ER followed Chaz, Greg's brother, through his first day on the job as a first-year med student. With an EMT background and a familiarity of the ER personnel, Chaz was able to jump right in and get to work... at first. After a string of bad decisions (mostly made by Archie), Chaz has the worst first day in ER history, including (but not limited to) the squishing a patient in the MRI machine, almost killing a patient with a misplaced chest tube, and getting a severe tounge-lashing from the new Chief. Which begs the question... What was your worst first day? Of school, of work, whatever. Leave you painful story in the comments section and we can all commiserate together!



  1. Jessica Day GeorgeNovember 8, 2008 at 2:19 PM

    My second day working in the BYU library's periodicals room, I contradicted the supervisor on duty because the supervisor who had trained me the day before had told me to do things COMPLETELY differently. Day 2's supervisor dismissed all the other trainees so that he could read me the riot act about undermining his authority. I burst into tears, totally embarrassing both of us. Later I found out that he had told all the other supervisors to watch out for the moody redhead . . . so within a week everyone working there knew that I had gone off on this crying jag my second day there. And to cap the day off, when I got done with my shift my parents appeared on a surprise visit, and the first thing my mother said to me was: "What did you do to your hair? Oh, honey, can't we find someone to fix that?"

  2. That is pretty awful, Jessica. The only thing missing is some guy you had a crush on seeing the whole thing!

  3. WOW! Now that's a story! Nice job Jessica!

  4. oh god jessica! that is such a horrible story. i'm so sorry to hear it!!! i really hate being labeled early on by others based on something totally unfair.

    on a side note, i was really pleased to hear jack's mannequin used in the episode. love the song "the resolution"


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