Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dr. Greene Returns to the ER

On tonight's special episode of ER, "Heal Thyself," Dr. Banfield has a flashback to her first visit to County General - when her son was treated by Dr. Mark Greene. Anthony Edwards talks about the experience of returning to the show in the video clip below. Warning: Spoiler Alert!


  1. When I saw that promo run after the show last week or the week before, I was like "WHAAA?" because they showed Banfield and Dr. Greene together in the same scene. It should be cool to see this flashback tonight. And here's hoping that Clooney will come back in one of the final 5 eps. left to be filmed.

  2. I think I could be more excited about Eriq LaSalle possibly coming back as Dr. Benton!

  3. Well, guys, we see from this spoiler video clip that Dr. Greene isn't the only familiar face returning this episode. I am SO excited!


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