Friday, October 31, 2008

Survivor – Recap & Review – “It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl”

Survivor: Gabon

It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl

Original Air Date: 30 October 2008

Rachel – Two Cents Senior Staff Writer

Going into this episode with a 5 challenge losing streak, Fang needed to pull out all the stops and kick some butt. If not for the Reward or Immunity, for their own sanity. Funny thing is, sometimes when you think you’re at rock bottom, you have even farther to fall.

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  1. The Top 12 Things I Learned About the Castaways of Survivor: Gabon

    1. Bob [Koto], while at the reward he and his tribe won (a picnic), let out all the emotion that had been building up over the past twenty-or-so days when letters from home showed up. It was so sweet to watch him attempt to read his letters… he couldn’t do it because he kept crying. Awww!

    2. Charlie [Koto], when pressed as to his strategy by Jeff at Tribal Council (both tribes went this episode), said his votes are determined on who he can trust going into the Merge. Maybe next week…?

    3. Corrine [Koto] called Dan socially inept and declared that she wanted to “stab Susie in the face.” And she thought Susie was a lunatic? She needs to look inward for the tribe crazie award.

    4. Marcus [Koto], voting for Susie at Tribal Council, said “This is about Dan, not you.” It’s like he broke up with her or something.

    5. Randy [Koto] is still annoying me. What a jerk.

    6. Susie [Koto] almost left the game with three votes, but somehow…

    7. Dan [Koto] turned his paranoia of getting voted out of the game into a reason to vote him out of the game. Bye, bye! See you at the reunion!

    8. Crystal [Fang] has a really big chip on her shoulder. She yelled at Kelly last week for assuming her (Crystal’s) thoughts and this week assumed what her entire tribe was thinking when she knocked over the rice. Very hypocritical. But she does have the evil eye down!

    9. Sugar [Fang], once again sent to Exile Island, was given another Individual Immunity necklace by Marcus. Koto really owed that to her, what with the constantly send her to Exile and all.

    10. Ken [Fang] is trying to be a puppet master, but doesn’t have a strong enough personality for it. He did, however, talk Sugar into voting for Ace.

    11. Matty [Fang] is over his tribe. He knows they are hopeless and is ready for the merge. Because of this, he was also blindsided when…

    12. Ace [Fang] was voted out of the game. He had the biggest target on his back yet figured he was sitting pretty. Ha!

    What do YOU think? Did the right people leave the game? How cute is Sugar?!? Who will be voted out next? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll give it to Ace to buy a clue.


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