Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TwoCents 2008 Fall Preview - Tuesdays (FOX)

FOX saved time and money with two shows with one-word titles on Tuesdays...

Show: House
Premiere Date: Sept 16
Time: 8:00PM EST
TwoCents Staff Writer: Shannon
Starring: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House, Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson, Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman, Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Alison Cameron, Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase, Kal Penn as Dr. Kutner, Peter Jacobson as Dr. Taub and Olivia Wilde as Thirteen.
Where We Left Off: House was in a bus crash that turned out fatal for Amber (Wilson's girlfriend) and he now has to deal with the aftermath of being the reason Amber was on that bus with him in the first place.
Premiere Description: House (Hugh Laurie, R) and Thirteen (Olivia Wilde, L) treat a young woman (Christine Woods, C) who has a strange hallucination during a business meeting in the HOUSE season premiere episode "Dying Changes Everything"

Show: Fringe (NEW)
Premiere Date: Sept 9
Time: 9:00PM EST
TwoCents Staff Writer: Rachel
Starring: Show: House
Premiere Date: Sept 16
Time: 8:00PM EST
TwoCents Staff Writer: Shannon
Starring: Anna Torv (OliviDunham), Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop), John Noble (Walter Bishop), Lance Reddick (Phillip Broyles), Kirk Acevedo (Charlie Francis), Mark Valley (John Scott), Blair Brown (Nina Sharp), Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth)
Program Description: From J.J. Abrams (“Lost”), Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the team behind “Star Trek,” “Mission: Impossible III” and “Alias,” comes a new series that will thrill, terrify and explore the blurring line between the possible and the impossible.
When an international flight lands at Boston’s Logan Airport with no signs of life, FBI Special Agent OLIVIA DUNHAM (Anna Torv) is called in to investigate as part of an inter-agency task force. After her partner, Special Agent JOHN SCOTT (Mark Valley), is nearly killed during the investigation, a desperate Olivia searches frantically for someone to help, leading her to DR. WALTER BISHOP (John Noble), our generation’s Einstein. There’s only one catch: he’s been institutionalized for the last 17 years, and the only way to question him requires pulling his estranged son PETER (Joshua Jackson) in to help.

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