Sunday, September 7, 2008

TwoCents 2008 Fall Preview - Sundays (CBS)

It's an amazing race to solve the cold case of the unit on Sundays on CBS...

Show: The Amazing Race
Premiere Date: Sept 28
Time: 8:00PM EST
TwoCents Staff Writer: Rachel
Host: Phil Keoghan
Program Description: The Race begins again - for the 13th time!

Show: Cold Case
Premiere Date: Sept 28
Time: 9:00PM EST
TwoCents Staff Writer: Amanda
Starring: Kathryn Morris as Det. Lilly Rush, Danny Pino as Det. Scotty Valens, John Finn as Lt. John Stillman, Jeremy Ratchford as Det. Nick Vera, Thom Barry as Det. Will Jeffries, Tracie Thoms as Kat Miller.
Premiere Description: Lilly and the team re-open the 1973 case of a murdered football player after new evidence surfaces that shows that he may have been killed earlier than originally thought…and that a steroid cover-up might have been involved, on the sixth season premiere.

Show: The Unit
Premiere Date: Sept 28
Time: 10:00PM EST
TwoCents Staff Writer: OPEN
Starring: Dennis Haysbert as Jonas Blane, Scott Foley as Bob Brown, Robert Patrick as Colonel Tom Ryan, Regina Taylor as Molly Blane, Max Martini as Mack Gerhardt, Michael Irby as Charles Grey, Abby Brammell as Tiffy Gerhardt, Audrey Marie Anderson as Kim Brown.
Premiere Description: Jonas and the team are assigned the task of unraveling an assassination plot involving high government officials at the same time as the women are being secretly relocated from the base for their own safety, on the fourth season premiere.

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