Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TwoThoughts at TheTwoCents: Fringe - Pilot


Original Air Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rachel - TwoCents Senior Staff Writer

So, Fringe. I liked the X-File-Lost-Terminator-Silence-of-the-Lambs-Seven vibe, and you know a J.J. Abrams joint that starts with a plane in an electrical storm is gonna be good. Here are my two thoughts on the whole thing:

1. All X-Philes and Creekers should be happy: It has the potential of both monster-of-the-week and intricate mythology episodes, plus that snarky Pacey Witter. Seriously, I can NOT call him anything but Pacey. I don't even remember his Fringe character's name.

2. Clearly, the creators have embraced the science fiction of it all (did you see that prosthetic?). My only fear is that in that embrace, the audience will either be completely lost or be spoon fed convoluted story lines. Dear Fox: I am educated but not an astrophysicist. Please treat me as such. Thank you.

What do YOU think? Give us your Two Cents and we'll use it to buy "An Idiot's Guide to the Fringe Sciences."

Rachel, TwoCents Senior Staff Writer

[photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/FOX]


  1. The first thing I did was try to find the parallels between Fringe and LOST. I almost thought this show was doing the same flash back sequences which would have kind of bummed me out. But this does have kind of the same premise. Where LOST has 'the numbers', Fringe has 'the pattern'. Or maybe the pattern here is akin to the island. The lab is either akin to DHARMA or the group that Charles Widmore works for, but I digress. Enough of that. This show should not be compared to LOST, as they are to very clearly different shows. Although on one last note I will say that the guy on the plane with the epi pen looked like a young Ben Linus.

    So, starting out, I immediately thought of The X-Files. It has that same creepy paranormal vibe and set up: Something creepy and weird happens in the teaser. And the rest is just as formulatic: Find out what happened in the course of the episode. Comparing Fringe to The X-Files isn't quite fair though, because back in 93, what you could show on T.V. was drastically different. In fact, the X-Files paved the way for shows like Fringe.

    I liked the actual movement of the episode. I never really felt bored, and it got me excited to see more!

  2. I saw it last night, lets face it nothing else was on! I must say it was pretty intense....I liked it. I agree it is CSI-LOST-X/Files and anything else a bit odd thrown in. I will watch a few more to see how it goes.

  3. I hope that in some future episode, there is a passing reference made to "Spooky" Mulder. I would love it if the two shows existed in the same universe.

    And Mojo - I'm with you. It will take a few more episode for me to decide, but I will say things are looking good.


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