Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who Will Win American Idol?

What's YOUR TwoCents on the subject America? Leave us your vote in the comments or email it to We'll be updating this story throughout the day as we lead up to tonight's American Idol Finale!

Idol Finale Headlines:
TwoCents Interview with David Cook and David Archuleta, TwoCents Review of the Finale Performances, What about THESE Davids?,

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  1. "I think Archuleta may get all the tweeny and motherly votes and win, however I voted for Cook because I'd actually buy his album. I'm not sure where Archuleta's career would fit in mainstream music. A 17 year old Josh Grobin?"
    -KP, TwoCents Head Writer

    "I think David Cook should win but I fear Archuleta will take the crown. To be honest though, this entire season was so lame, I stopped watching a month ago. Once they had two nights of Lennon/McCartney, I gave up pretending to care. Oh well, there's always next season."
    -Shannon, TwoCents Staff Writer

    "Sorry, haven't watched AI since 2005-but my prediction is that David will win. Hehe!"
    -Faye, TwoCents Reviewer

    "When tweens get together behind something (or someone), they are almost unstoppable. When said tweens live in Utah, game over, man (I know... I live in Utah... it ain't pretty). David Archuleta will win, but a 17-year-old riding the waves of easy-listening radio stations? No so cool. David Cook? Way cool. I voted for him and even though he won't win, he'll be horribly successful. I'll buy his album for sure."
    -Rachel, TwoCents Staff Writer

    "I think David Cook will win for sure. He's got more range and his musical style reaches more people."
    -Kara, TwoCents Reviewer

    "I'll be honest -- I haven't seen an episode of American Idol since William Hung was still slightly relevant, but I'm gonna go ahead and guess David Archuleta for the win this season because his eyes sparkle and America seems to go for that sort of thing."
    -Jasmine, TwoCents Reviewer


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