Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What About These Davids?

How about the Davids who didn't make the cut? With Simon's "comments".

David Blaine "Alright, I know YOU think it's magic..."
David Cassidy "All I see is hair..."
David Berkowitz "I'm reasonably sure your neighbor's dog has a better voice."
David Ives "I do like the chances you're taking, but it's a no."
David Duchovny "I think I would rather watch a slab of granite."
David Hasselhoff "If I were German, maybe I'd feel differently"
David Ortiz "Strike three."
David Copperfield "The quicker you can disappear, the better we'll all feel"
David Byrne "The suit can stay. You can go."
Larry David "I cannot possibly find you more annoying"

Tom R, TwoCents Staff Writer


  1. ANY contest David Duchovny is in, I'll vote for him. No matter what. Yum.

  2. I'm with you rachel:) Duchovny is HOT!!!!!!!!


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