Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Ugly Betty" is moving to N.Y.!

Well , it looks as though "Ugly Betty" is moving to N.Y. and will be leaving California. According to The L A Times, Walt Disney Studio's ABC Studio's is taking advantage of the states film tax credit. About two thirds of the shows crew members are expected to lose their jobs, which is pretty sad if you ask me.

Vanessa Williams , on the other hand is pretty happy to hear the news, I 'm sure, because her kids are in New York and she has been commuting. But America Ferrera (Betty) ,Christopher Gorham (Henry) and Eric Mabius (Daniel) are all residents of L.A. and now have to pick up and move. I wonder how Chris feels about this, since he has two young children.

HERE is a link to the article.

What do you think about the move? Should California give them just as good an offer to keep production there?

Karen, TwoCents Reviewer


  1. I feel bad about so many of the employees losing their jobs. It will also be hard for those who have to relocate. However, I feel that a show based in New York ought to be filmed in New York. It's dumb and not necessary, but I like it that way!

    Can't wait for tonight's episode!

  2. That's really sad that so many people lost their jobs. I think they should ask CA to give them the same tax break.


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