Friday, April 18, 2008

"Survivor" Recap & Review - "I Promise..."

“I Promise…”

Original Air Date: April 17, 2008

Rachel – Two Cents Staff Writer

The Top 9 Things I Learned About the Castaways of Survivor: Micronesia

1. Alexis dumped her water out just before Jeff extended an offer of milk and cookies during the Reward Challenge. She gave him a look of death when he told her she was DQed and could “mope and pout” all she wants… she wasn’t getting a thing.
2. Amanda had a bad feeling about Parvati’s “fake” alliance with the other girls. She should have paid attention to those feelings.
3. Cirie got sent to Exile Island with nothing to gain… she knew Ozzy had the Hidden Immunity Idol. So what does she do? She spends her time plotting a way to get rid of Ozzy.
4. Erik had the best line of the evening when visiting the island of Yap for a reward feast sponsored by the shirtless natives: “It’s like I’m getting my dinner and the lunch lady doesn’t have a shirt on. I think that’s the most boobs I’ve seen in my life.”
5. James also felt suspicious of Parvati’s loyalties… he, too, should have paid more attention to those feelings.
6. Jason asked everyone to promise to not vote for him and he would throw the Immunity Challenge, giving them all donuts and candy and beer and cookies and other assorted guilty pleasures. It was stupid, but worked out because mostly everyone was gunning for Ozzy.
7. Natalie is still flying under the radar.
8. Ozzy didn’t play the Hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal Council, thinking he was more than safe. I don’t know if it was arrogance, or stupidity, but he got snuffed. I am very disappointed.
9. Parvati, the little devil, is turning into quite the puppet-master. But next week, she’ll have to answer for A LOT.

Next week: “I’m Ruthless… and I Have a Smile on My Face”


  1. I don't even watch Survivor, but I love to read your recaps. It's like MST3K!

  2. When will they learn? I can't believe he had the freaking immunity idol and didn't use it - nobody is safe, people!


  3. Jason is so stupid for making that deal, but it paid off. Ozzy is stupid, too. And James thought he was the stupidest Survivor ever.

    Cirie is quite the mover and shaker, too, no?

  4. Jason was so gullible. Lucky for him Ozzy was living in la-la land thinking he was above getting voted off. Jeff made a point to ask about the "target on his (Ozzy's) back" at tribal counsel and he didn't even play the idol. Arrgghhh! At least there was some action this time and unexpected twists that makes the game so great.


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