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"Battlestar Galactica" Recap & Review - "The Ties That Bind"

Battlestar Galactica
“The Ties That Bind”

Original Air Date: April 18, 2008

Brittany – TwoCents Reviewer

I knew that this show had an ability to be dark, but it wasn’t until this episode that I realized I’m a fan of the most depressing show on television. Honestly, it’s twisted and I can’t help but love it. This week came complete with murder masked as suicide, spousal abuse, and robotic civil war. How many shows can accomplish that in one sitting?

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  1. Battlestar Galactica
    “The Ties That Bind”

    Original Air Date: April 18, 2008

    Brittany – TwoCents Reviewer

    I knew that this show had an ability to be dark, but it wasn’t until this episode that I realized I’m a fan of the most depressing show on television. Honestly, it’s twisted and I can’t help but love it. This week came complete with murder masked as suicide, spousal abuse, and robotic civil war. How many shows can accomplish that in one sitting?

    Cally is losing her frakking mind, but only in a way that you would expect when your cylon husband says he’s going to work and is instead going to the bar and drinking with another woman. The baby, Nick, is always crying, Cally’s not sleeping, and it’s a very depressing montage that we’re treated to. Side note: The kid that plays Nick is chubby and cute, but for a fleet that lives on algae he sure does look well fed. I’m just saying. Cally is taking pills to try and cope, but it’s really pointless seeing as how she has an absentee husband. She heads to Joe’s Bar and sees Chief and Tory getting all cozy over drinks. Tory is talking about feelings and sensations and other stupid things that she’s only saying now because she frakked Gaius and he brain-washed her. Cally does the whole Cheaters montage where she yells at her husband in front of all his buddies, then pukes in the floor and leaves. Man that’s gross.

    Back at home, Chief assures Cally that he’s not having an affair, and she’s all ‘yeah, whatever, pick up the kid from day care today’, and then Chief is a bigger jerk, slamming things around and making the baby cry. Cally goes to see Cottle, asking for drugs even as Cottle pulls some out of her pocket. He threatens to knock some sense into Chief and it’s sweet until she laments that she thinks she’s going crazy. How else would you explain marrying the same man that broke your jaw and wishing that he’d do it again just to prove he cares? Good question.

    After another night without her husband, Cally decides to take matters into her own hands. She finds a note that was written for Chief telling him where to meet for the next session of Cylon Club House. It’s outside of a weapons locker and she immediately goes to eavesdrop, crawling through the vents to do so. Tigh tells Chief that he better put to rest all of Cally’s fears and actually be a husband. And then Cally over hears the words that will send her into a suicidal rage: “Last thing we need is for your Cylon hating wife to find out there’s a bunch of skin jobs running around this ship and that her husband is one of them.” Uh oh.

    At home, she starts pacing her quarters, and as Chief goes on and on about having more kids and making their marriage better, Cally hauls off with a wrench and knocks his ass out. It’s kind of awesome because you don’t expect someone that small to knock out a grown man. She grabs Nick and an airlock safety key from the Chief’s pocket and heads down the corridors to the hanger deck. With the baby in tow, she walks into an airlock like it’s nothing. She’s about to go through with sending herself into space when Tory suddenly appears out of nowhere after using her Cylon radar to track her down. Cally is pretty hysterical and yells that Tory better have a spare body because she’s gonna airlock them all. Calmly, Tory tells Cally that if it’s killing a cylon she wants, then she can do it, but her baby didn’t do anything wrong. Reluctantly, Cally listens to reason and hands the baby over to Tory. Who then knocks Cally across the room, and walks out while she’s dazed. Then, with her kid watching, Tory airlocks Cally. It was one of those moments where you kind of expected it, but it happened just as Cally maybe could have stopped being bat shit crazy. We get a shot of her cold dead body floating through space, and the episode closes with Adama telling Chief that his wife presumably airlocked herself.
    • How did Tory know where Cally was?
    • How is Tory going to explain why she had the baby in the first place without giving it away that she killed Cally?

    The Cylons meanwhile, are having some discord of their own. After the models who were murdered last week (or 22 days ago according to the time stamp on the episode) resurrect, a meeting is called between the Cavils, Sixes and Eights. They banter back and forth before Cavil says that he wants to negotiate, willing to stop the cylon bloodshed. Six wants D’Anna unboxed, and Cavil says he’ll do it even though it’s not an agreeable resolution. Only it’s a total cop out. They all agree to go pick up D’Anna who’s at some central hub downloading. Cavil, in an ultimate power play, takes out the ships that have the Sixes and Eights on board before the resurrection ships can make the jump. They are officially in a civil war.

    What’s going to happen when the Centurions realize that they don’t have to listen to anyone anymore?

    Over on Colonial One, after Laura has a diloxion treatment and Adama reads to her to keep her mind off of it (cue ‘awww’s), Lee gets ready for his first Quorum meeting as representative of Caprica. (My apologies for mistakenly saying Saggitaron last week.) Tom Zarek comes in and gives Lee a classified file after saying that Laura is letting power and corruption get to her head. During the meeting, Douchebag Lee (that’s his new name) brings up that the file contains Executive Order 112 that would give the President total control over all decisions. Zarek has just enough balls to look shocked that Lee would have access to such information. The whole time, Laura is half ready to pass out from her diloxin treatments and half ready to jump over the table and tell the newbie to shut up. She pretty much does the latter, and tells Lee that the Executive Order was just a rough draft and nothing set in stone. “So, suck it.” Nah, not really, but she should have.

    That’s the end of the episode, except that I completely forgot about Starbuck and her garbage truck trip to Earth and apparently so did the writers because they gave it about 5 minutes of total air time. The whole time, Anders tries to remind Starbuck that they were married, but she doesn’t care. She tells him to frak her, and he does because he’s forever whipped and hoping she’ll forget about Lee. It’s pointless, and more interesting to realize that Adama not only let Helo go on this garbage dump mission, but he also sent valuable Viper pilots and Gaeta along as well. Oh well, at least we know the Cylons are otherwise occupied.

  2. Tory, I hate you. So much.

    *grrface* Just the FACT that she did that in front of Nicky makes me BEYOND angry. Nothing like seeing your mother murdered as a child to permanently stunt your emotional growth. *shakes head*

    I have NO idea how Tory knew where she was, unless she was following her to begin with. I really think that, as upset as Cally was, the Chief himself could have been following her and she wouldn't have noticed.

    Second, I have no doubt that she'll be able to cover her murderous, lying, PSYCHOTIC bionic tail. She IS in PR, remember. PR people are GOOD at lying...they get PAID to lie.

    I actually felt sorry for the female Cylons and the Leobens this time around. I wanted to cry when they were being blown to bits. I admit, I have a soft spot for the Sixes, Eights and Twos, and I have NO IDEA where it came from. I really hope something happens and stops it before they're ALL killed.

    The one thing I loved about the scenes on board the garbage freighter was the fact that Kara's painting again...and it's an image of our solar system. XD And did you notice that it was practically a do-over of the scene between Kara & Lee in Scar? Except, here, Sam is too weak to tell her, "No, Kara. I will not have meaningless sex with you."

    I think that he's too desperate to hang onto something from his life before he knew that he was a Cylon...that something being Kara Thrace...and trying to find his identity within her, which is why he's trying too hard to get her to acknowledge and accept their marriage. *sigh* So sad, Sammy. It's time to grow up now.

    Now I have a question. Was Cally IMAGINING the "kiss" between Tory and Tyrol because of her OD on antidepressants, or was it something genuine? There is evidence to back up both situations (ie: Tigh telling them to cut out the affair, and then Cottle making a comment about the meds - plus her overwhelming fatigue - being able to make her paranoid.). So, which one is it? I'd sure like to know for sure.


  3. Yeah. What IS up with Tory?

    And I'm getting frustrated with Anders. I'd like him so much better if he had the strength to walk away from Kara. Or maybe not walk away, but be with SHE needs, instead of what he wants to be.

    And, oh, stop being mean to my Lee. ;)


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