Monday, November 19, 2007

"ER" Recap & Review - "Blackout"


Air date: November 8, 2007

Amanda - TwoCents Staff Writer

This is the "green" episode for E.R. The temperature is unseasonably hot. Morris buys a green smart car. Sam walks around the hospital sharing how they have made it greener.

I love Morris. After chasing after Neela and Harold, who is driving his brand new car, he runs into an opened car door because he didn't notice it. He is brought in on a stretcher with his head taped down and Gates and Pratt want to run x-rays and scans on him and he flips out. But, poor Morris. He didn't pass the boards, and he pretended that he did. Awww.

Harold is great. He's too immature, and Neela agrees to mature him in a month. I love the part when he gets dragged out of the bar.

The whole thing with Pratt, Abby and the baby was a little off. Pratt passed his boards. So, why did he dismiss the baby and Abby so trivially? And, since when does Abby go behind other people's backs? But, the baby has a heart attack and is saved by Pratt.

And Abby's drinking problem being brought back … was it just so that she slept with Moretti before Luka comes home? (Which, by the way, the previews say that he is returning next week, but I'm staying mum.) And that whole Moretti flirting with her, well, I have a problem with that. When he was first introduced he told Abby that she would have to deal with working under somebody that she hasn't slept with. And, are
we going to find out about his son or what?

Abby ran while feeling off and drunk, with her kid in the car, where she could have been in a huge accident, to the airport to get on a flight to see Luka. The show writers just keep degrading Abby's character.

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