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"The Unit" Recap & Review - "Pandemonium, Part 2"

The Unit
“Pandemonium, Part Two”

Original Air Date: October 2, 2007

KP – TwoCents Head Writer

So, remember in part one – Bob Brown was sent to find Jonas. Charles is with Jonas. Jonas is with Marianna who stole a super secret map and then gets killed at the safe house. Kim Brown goes to Texas where Jonas finds her and they get the map. Tiffy and Mack are getting divorced. Molly thinks Jonas is dead. Hector agrees to talk about Jonas’ team but only if they take him D.C. General Ryan is on trial on behalf of the Unit and his ex wife, Charlotte, has a cushy new job working for the government. Jonas and the boys go scuba diving at the point on the map and find an underground graveyard. All caught up? Good, let’s go!

Jonas, Bob and Charles pull up some of the bodies. No marking. Mack ends up with some interrogators who “aren’t military”. Bob finds his CIA contact at a restaurant and corners him in the bathroom. Bob wants answers. His contact will try to get some.

Jonas and company are now in D.C as are Molly and Tiffy. Ryan meets up with Charlotte and asks how he avoids court-marshal. She enlightens him that the Government needs the appearance of a win – a scapegoat. A cab pulls up to Ryan – the driver? Yeah – it’s Jonas and Charles. They question Ryan who tells them that Hector is the new surprise witness for the Government. Hector is riding with the Govt. when his van is attacked and he’s kidnapped. Yup, you guessed it – Jonas, Charles and Bob. I told you last week it was a plan to get them all to D.C. – I love it when I’m right.

New safe house for them all – AND Ryan. All they need is Mack – before he is forced to break and turn. Mack is handed a confession to sign and of course raises his pen and … stabs it in the guy’s neck! Kim lets Molly and Tiffy she knows some things including Jonas is alive. The Unit boys stalk out a playground so Bob can find a note pointing them towards a ship called the Liberty Vail. It’s a ship full of fruit – oh, and HEAVILY armed security.

Ryan tells the fake story to Charlotte of being attacked by Jonas and company. Charlotte informs him that if he hands over the boys, he could be cleared of all charges. Kim gets a call from a CIA agent, who is directly outside her window, telling her to keep spying on Molly and Tiffy. Hector and Jonas set forth their plan to get into the Liberty Vail offices. They do, of course, and find the Liberty Vail does the same route every time – that same body of water with all the dead bodies!

Bob is in a car wash to meet his CIA agent – yeah, he’s dead. A new contact, a blond lady, informed Bob that him finding out what he seeks about the floating prison would be the same as knowing who shot Kennedy. She tells Bob to back off – he’s over his head. Mack is still getting tortured and still not giving up any information. Bob tells Kim to stop talking to the CIA and notices a trail car in his rear view mirror! Charlotte tells Ryan she may have a job lined up for him after all of this is behind him. He fakes some nice enthusiasm about going to London. Back to Bob. He enters a hotel room, and 4 guys with guns go in after him, they fill his shower full of bullets – he’s not there. The rest go down thanks to Jonas Hector and Charles. According to Jonas “Whoever we’re fighting, cares as much about winning as we do.”

Jonas tells Kim to drive to West Virginia and send some money to a dummy account. Molly adds in some cash and joins in the car ride with Kim. As Mack is being tortured he’s lost in his head with memories of Tiffy and his family. I guess he really doesn’t want that divorce. Mack is force-fed a drug and dazes back into his memories, until they go all crazy, bad tunnel from Willy Wonka, bad. The CIA guys catch up to Kim and Molly and take the bank info. They know now. Jonas leaves a note for Molly and then he and team get the drop on the aforementioned CIA guys. Mack is still holding tight – the head interrogator won’t give up. Now that guy is teaching his daughter how to play tennis. Uh oh – who is that behind the fence? Yup – Jonas and company! Apparently this underwater grave is terrorists the government won’t house any longer. They make a deal that if the Unit gets Mack back, they won’t tell what they know about the floating prison.

In a post naked encounter, Ryan keeps up his excitement about getting a job with her boss in London while the Unit guys take their positions inside the major banquet where Charlotte’s boss (and the guy behind all this Unit cover up stuff) will be. The plan is in full force. A lazer site on the big boss, out he goes with Jonas, Ryan fills in Charlotte that it was a ploy, Mack comes out of the interrogation room to find out he’s on the bridge of a large freighter ship. Bob tells the CIA he’s done. The floating prison is no more. Mack is back on dry land. We end with a nice big music filled reunion montage of hugs, kisses and smiles. All except Mack who walks away from Tiffy. An excellent start to the season gang – nice job!

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