Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Cavemen" Recap & Review - "Pilot: Her Embarrassed of Caveman"

"Pilot: Her Embarrassed of Caveman"

Original Air Date: October 2, 2007

Jeff L - TwoCents Staff Writer

The opening montage reveals that cavemen have been amongst us since day one. Apparently George Washington needed to save money on his auto insurance. We meet Joel (Bill English), Nick (Nick Kroll) and Andy (Sam Huntington) at a party where they get angry discussing The Flintstones with a “sapien” (that’s what the cavemen call us). Andy and Joel are brothers. Andy is hung up on a former girlfriend who cheated on him. Joel is text-sexing with Kate (Kaitlin Doubleday). Nick is the wise-ass of the bunch. The next morning the cavemen are in their apartment discussing love and life. Andy reminds the other two cavemen that they should “stick to your own kind. Crave the cave,” meaning that cavemen should only date “cavechicks.” Joel looks nervous.

We follow Joel to the caveman version of Ikea where he works. He has a funny scene (yes a funny scene on Cavemen – but only because Nick Swardson can do no wrong) with Ray (Nick Swardson/Reno 911, Grandma’s Boy). Then two sapien women arrive in the store and one of them wisks Joel away while the other tries to talk to Ray (who says in perfect English that he doesn’t speak English). Cut to Joel and Kate his secret sapien girlfriend making out in the bunk bed section.

Back in the apartment Nick is trying to work on his dissertation, which apparently involves watching tv and playing online poker. He overhears Andy on the phone with his ex and makes him hang up and go out looking for a date.

Joel and Ray discuss Kate and we find out that Joel is keeping Kate a secret because of what Nick said about only dating other cavepeople. He decides to get it off his chest and tell everyone about Kate. Back at the apartment complex we meet the redneck landlady who thinks that all cavemen look alike and speaks with the southern accent that’s supposed to make us realize that she’s all backwards and prejudice. Nick and Andy are giving Joel a hard time about Kate because they’ve decided he’s keeping her a secret because she’s ugly. He drops the bomb that Kate is a sapien and Nick freaks out on him telling him to “keep your penis in your genus.”

The others convince Joel to see if Kate has let her friends in on the fact that she’s dating a caveman. Turns out she’s keeping him a secret from her friends too. Joel tries to tag along on her girls’ night out, but she refuses. The cavemen follow her and Joel confronts her in front of her friends. He tells her he likes her and that he’s not going to be hidden away. He’s got it all wrong and as it turns out he’s not her first caveman. She’s dated several in the past and was only keeping it a secret because she’s had a lot of relationships that don’t work out and only wanted to tell people about it once she was sure it would work. Everything works out in the end, except Nick plants the idea in Joel’s head that maybe Kate has a caveman fetish. The End.

Well the Caveman countdown to cancellation has begun. We’re officially one week in. The show earns 1 star out of 5 for Nick Swardson who I hope we’ll see a LOT more of in future episodes (if there are any).

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  1. Yep, seen the show. It was totally dumb and I didn't like it any bit. I can't believe they actually dared to launch such a show. I'm looking for what others people think about Cavemen, so give a check.


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