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"Reaper" Recap & Review - "Charged"


Original Air Date: October 2, 2007

KP – TwoCents Head Writer

8:00AM - rise and shine campers!! Until you hit snooze and the time turns to 6:66 of course. The new vessel has arrived. What is it this week? We have to wait to find out because Sam doesn’t want to open yet, it’s too early for vessel opening. We want to know! Sock wants to know! They are driving to work and this looks SO much more real than the Carpoolers crew I just watched. Sock is also enjoying that touching Sam is making what looks to be a static electric shock. I think I like Sock as a character. He’s fun! And of course any Guitar Hero reference makes me happy. Oh, look in the backseat – it’s the vessel case! Maybe they can leave it in the woods and outrun it! HAHA no.

Maybe if Sam packs the vessel box onto a Work Bench truck bound for Delaware it will stay away! Not if that spooky skull in the mirror has anything to do with it. Good times! Sam and Andi get to be on shopping cart hunting duty all week! Of course, according to Andi that entails movies and lunches! While Sock proves that he’s “all about the show”, the Devil shows up to tell Sam quietly to OPEN THE VESSEL! Due to a little Sock OVERSHOW that bloodied a customer they are banished to night shift! Sock takes it out with a little Hulk smashing – that bird house didn’t know what happened!

Whoa – Sam’s mom just called Sock “Bert”. We know his name! And lookie there – the vessel box is back. And so is the Devil who transports Sam to the top of some building to give “what’s his face” credit for the beauty of nature. Those shocks Sam has? His tools for finding the lost soul! The Devil convinces Sam to keep doing this work – why? Cause if not innocent people die – works for me.

Ok, finally time to open the vessel. It’s a radio controlled monster truck. As the lady at the DMV said last week – the vessel suits the user. And Dad gets Sam a new car – a hybrid. Excellent. Way to buy some love for selling your son’s soul to the Devil! Plus this will help convince Sam to keep his lie to his Mom. Sock goes right into the SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY monster truck speech. Seriously – I’m liking Sock! Then he uses a Smurf reference – really – this guy is crazy Pop Culture lore!

The boys (Sam, Sock and their friend Ben) bring some generators to the hospital after it was struck by lightening twice. After a major shock for Sam, Dr. Captain Morgan comes to the rescue – he has two titles ya know. Sam heads back to work on his own and witnesses lightening – and what do you do when the episode is called “Charged”? You go hunt down the lightening. And find the lost soul that is making this happen. His name? Arthur Ferry, who according to the Devil, was electrocuted every day in Hell.

Supervisor Ted threatens to put Andi on the night shift, she looks at Sam – mouths off again to be reunited with Sam. NO! Supervisor Ted is too quick for that one! (Or is he?) Note of interest, Andi’s friend Josie (who by the way used to date Sock and just happens to work for the District Attorney (don’t all sitcoms need one of those?)) knows the whole story about Arthur Ferry and his buying and selling electricity illegally during his life. Apparently he’s back from Hell upset that they are taking his name off buildings he donated money to. This paragraph for all of you people hoping for some love interest in this show.

For the second show in a row (of 2) the boys use the Work Bench to outfit themselves for the attack (I’m sensing a trend) - this time, wetsuits from sporting goods. They find Arthur Ferry at a dam – this could be bad! Time to send the remote control monster truck into duty… wait – it gets run over by a real truck and Sock chimes in with “So, that happened.” Sam runs out to confront Arthur while Sock and Ben are worried they are going to die dressed like condoms! Arthur gets away in a bolt of lightening. Back at the Work Bench Sam tried to rebuilt the truck vessel. The Devil likes it. But he does inform Sam Arthur is now after Sam! Ben just used “Cowboy Up” – he loses 2 points. LIGHTENING!! Yup – right into Sam’s hybrid – they run on electricity you know, and it heads right for them. Sam fixes the truck with duct tape – man, you have to love duct tape don’t you?

Like a bad version of Bed Knobs and Broomsticks, the electric tools come to life and attack the boys. Ben gets hit by a nail gun. That’s 2 weeks in a row for that too. Ben getting hurt - the whole nail gun thing is new. Sock giggles like a smoker when he’s scared. Now that’s comedy. Sam goes out alone with the remote control handle and calls out Arthur Ferry and after a speech of good vs evil Sam extends the antenna on the remote, makes a lightening rod (looks like a lightsaber to me) and Arthur is history. Time to drop off the soul back to Gladys at the DMV.

Oh yeah, Sam has a brother, I bet he gets written out soon enough. Sam tells Mom the truth about being the Devil’s bounty hunter. Devil repays Sam’s good work by getting him off garbage and into Garden Center duty – who works there? Andi!

Ok, so – this show is very fun and the characters of Sock and the Devil are wonderful! Sam Wise as the Devil is hilariously evil in a much understated way. I look forward to next week!

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