Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"The Unit" Recap & Review - "Always Kiss Them Goodbye"

The Unit
“Always Kiss Them Goodbye”

Original Air Date: October 9, 2007

KP – TwoCents Head Writer

The Unit is back up and running, their ‘office’ is in the middle of being rebuilt and all is returning to normal. Jonas and Molly are interrupted having their “dessert first” by a phone call. Mac is sleeping on Charles and Hector’s couch. Kim is preggers and Bob is a happy man. Mac’s daughter questions him on moving out – he’s NOT a happy man. He jumps up to get a bag on a top garage shelf and it falls on him revealing the scars from his torture and a neighbor calls in domestic abuse.

Col. Ryan tells the Unit that Arkansas is reporting an old nerve agent bomb being stolen. It just happens to be the deadliest thing any man has ever devised – a drop of it on the skin kills instantly. Gun fight at the airport – a small plane gets away with the nerve agent attached to its wing. Luckily there’s another plane parked near by and Bob jumps into it and takes off in pursuit. The test bunnies are dead outside the hangar – not a good sign.

Mac takes control of base HQ and starts working the makeshift HQ through the paces to help his team out in the field. Question of the century – where is this plane headed?

On the home front at Fort Griffith, Tiffy tries to explain to her kids, with Molly’s help, about Mac’s supervised visits (as ordered by Ryan). Kim is back on the radio convincing the boss to do a moderated chat about topical military base questions of the day.

Bob has visual on the nerve gas loaded plane and is going to try to ‘persuade’ him to land. Jonas goes into the potentially contaminated hangar to have a look around. Bob gets in close to aim a gun at the runaway plane. The pilot is dead in the cockpit - from the nerve agent. They know the intended course and target – Fort Griffith. They can’t shoot down the plane due to the possible explosion of the plane. Jonas is face to face with many booby traps and more dead people from the nerve agent.

Molly brings the Brown kids over to Kim at the radio station. Kim gets a call demanding that they issue a severe weather alert and immediate shelter order for all personal and civilians on the base. They verify with Col. Ryan who says that it’s real. Kim sends her kids to the shelter with Molly so she can stay and continue to warn everyone.

Bob and the rogue plane are buzzed by the Air Force. Bob, knowing there is nothing they can do, takes action into his own hands. He pulls his plane up and then down into a dive right at the nerve agent carrier. He gives the Independence Day line of “Tell my kids I love them”. He’s about to hit the plane with his own and the little plane suddenly changes flight path – it’s under autopilot. But no worries – Bob has a plan.

Jonas has a plan too. He’s working on a work bench, in the contaminated hangar, making something A-Team style. Bob closes in on the plane and they hit some turbulence. Jonah’s plan rolls over a dead guy (avoiding a booby trap) and finds a laptop beneath him. As he walks into to get it – another booby trap goes off showering him in some kind of green goo. Bob clips the wing of the bad plane and sends him into a nosedive but autopilot stops the dive. Bob is going to try again. And again autopilot makes it right. The doctor outside the hangar has Jonas run a test on the green goo. It’s nerve agent. He has about 2 hours before his suit degrades. They believe the laptop is controlling the plane. Mac gives info to Charles who relays it to Jonas in the hangar while Bob flies along side the weapon and relays it back to Mac. It’s a circle folks. The new heading has become clear. The laptop isn’t controlling the plane, but Jonas knows the path. St. Louis – Cardinals stadium. NO! NOT ALBERT PUJOLS!!

Bob only has 20 minutes until the plane hits its target. Bob wants to speak to Kim, but the lines aren’t up yet to let that happen. WAIT! Bob has a new plan. If he can get the plane to stall, the autopilot can’t stop the dive. With some fancy flying and Bob is able to stall the plane, and unfortunately his own in the process. Bob pulls out, the nerve plane can’t and crashes in a wide open field – splash down with no detonation.

Jonas gets decontaminated (picture the scenes from Monsters Inc.). Kim cancels the ‘severe weather’ alert over the radio. The boss loved it. Her call-in show is a go. Mac and Tiffy have their first MP supervised visit. Jonas comes home to Molly for a romantic getaway. Bob explains the infield fly rule to his daughter. Just another day at the office for The Unit.

Is anyone watching this show with me? It’s akin to the A-Team but with much better writing. I love it. I hope you do too!

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