Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Reaper" Recap & Review - "All Mine"

“All Mine”

Original Air Date: October 9, 2007

KP – TwoCents Head Writer

8:00AM – rise and shine campers! Time to brush the pearly whites with some toothpaste – oops no – with roaches on your toothbrush instead. Man it really stinks to work for the Devil. As Sam tells Sock, everything he puts in his mouth ends up covered in bugs. Andi asks out Sam and he stupidly says he already has plans with Sock. WHAT!

Manager Ted at the Work Bench has a walk and talk with Sam to speak about finding direction after addictions to gambling and shoes. Sam is up for promotion to Assistant Manager of plumbing! This is of no interest to a Devil employed bounty hunter – don’t you think? The Devil shows up and Sam is annoyed and just wants the vessel. But the Devil wants to talk first – he even advises Sam to take the 401K play with the promotion. Then he gives him a cute pink view finder. The slides? People dead from bug related items… oh, and a cute picture of Devil and Mariska Hargitay at the Emmys. (That could explain the multiple nominations huh?). Devil tells Sam to ‘follow the bugs’. Wasn’t that a line from Harry Potter? AND Sam trips on the vessel.

The Three Amigos (Sam, Sock and Ben) are riding around in Socks car. The friends do not like that Sam was offered the promotion. Ok, I think it’s Sam’s car by Socks is driving – unless they all have hybrid cars. They follow an exterminator to an apartment complex where a swarm of bees attack and kill the exterminator. As Ben so clearly states – I guess he wasn’t the escaped soul.

Sock stole mail from the apartment building as tells us that there’s “a fine line between a felony and doing something really super cool.” So true Sock, so true. Andi is sitting with someone else in the store’s cafeteria. Does anyone else not care about this unrequited love angle? I mean, this certainly isn’t Jim and Pam, Sam and Diane, Tony and Angela – now is it?

The Amigos are going through the stolen mail, one lady in the apartment is a Keanu Reeves freak. She had The Lake House delivered; Sock threw it away and said she would thank him later. Once again, Sock is singing the gospel of KP! Stupid magic mailbox movie. The Scooby gang figure out through a gas bill that Harold Bunson sounds like their lost soul. Where do they go for info? Once again to Josie – their friend in the DA’s office. She’s not there, so Sock lets them in himself. While keeping guard so Sam can go through the computer, Sock gives us the pickup line of the season “Having fun being hot? I am.” Sam prints out files. Always good. So, turns out Bunson killed his wife, left her in a compost heap where she was devoured by bugs – thus the hellish bug thing.

Finally the unveiling of the vessel….it’s…. a…. TOASTER!! The boys gear up with every extension cord they can find and head off to the apartment building. Sock tests out the toaster, it sparks all over the place and Sock breaks it. Bees chase the boys away to toast another day.

Sam turns down the Assistant Manager job; Ted offers it to Andi who says she’s leaving to go back to school. At the bar to celebrate Andi’s news, Ben’s BFF – the Devil shows up. Is he there to ask him about the lost soul? No – asking him about Andi – he shouldn’t blow off his bounty hunter duties and NOT get the girl! Harold Bunson shows up at Work Bench and explains to Sam that he’s not the lost soul, it’s Gloria, who killed his wife! Then the bees form a shape of – yup, you guessed it – Gloria.

Ben starts to gear up alone; he doesn’t want Ben getting hurt again. Sock won’t let that happen. Ben is in for the fight too. Of course. 10 Bucks he gets hurt. Gloria surprises Sock while he’s plugging in the toaster. He tries to hit on her until she absorbs a bee INTO HER FORHEAD!

Turns out Sock is allergic to bees. Harold shows up to convince Gloria to let Sock go and that he never really loved her. The toaster isn’t working and Gloria has turned into a swarm again. Sam re-breaks the toaster and Gloria is gone. Ben didn’t get hurt. I owe you all $10.

Sam runs to stop Andi from applying to school, after convincing her TO apply earlier (I left it out from the good part of the show above.) The school was filled with asbestos and she can’t go. Someone called it in, could be that Devil sitting down the path smiling like a Cheshire Cat. “For now, nothing changes.”

Ok, my least favorite of the episodes this season, but still enjoyable. I COMMAND YOU TO CHECK BACK NEXT WEEK!! That wasn’t me. That was… him!

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