Saturday, October 6, 2007

"ER" Recap & Review - "In A Different Light"

"In A Different Light"

Original Air Date: October 4, 2007

Amanda - TwoCents Staff Writer


A duo comes in, one a 16 year old boy, the other his tutor. It was easy to tell that they had some other type of relation, and when the woman found out she was pregnant, you knew that it was the kid's child.

A man comes in, shot by so claimed "drive by shooting" and is a suspect in a robbery. Turns out that he lies the entire time, that he was the robber, and the surgeon "unloses" the bullet once he gives the man a chance but finds out the truth about him. The bullet is how the police will identify him because the bullet must match the gun. The child with Gates in the ICU knows what is wrong with him, but wouldn't tell anyone until Gates paid attention to him.

Neela seems fine now, she is released from the hospital and goes to Abby's apartment.

Abby continues to be bossed around by Moretti, starting the new protocol which is treating patients in the waiting room.

Pratt wants Moretti's job and thinks that Moretti is all wrong for the job. He gets refused and is told to ask in a year. Is this a sign that E.R. will have another season next year?

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