Saturday, October 6, 2007

"Grey's Anatomy" - "Love/Affection"

Grey's Anatomy

Original Air Date: October 4, 2007

Amanda - TwoCents Staff Writer

I feel that this episode was somewhat boring. Maybe it was because I was really tired.

The one thing I saw as quite significant would be Chandra Wilson's portrayal as Bailey. Can anyone say her acting is almost Oscar worthy already? I support it. Though, I do support Sandra Oh's barely-there sadness underneath the rigidness as Cristina just as equally.

George goes to tell Callie about him loving Izzy ... and then doesn't ... and then decides to, and ... oh wait, he gets begged by Callie to not tell her. What happened to the George that was in the elevator performing heart surgery during the first season? There seems to be a loss of strength in the quirky intern.

Finally there is some action. Thank Alex for something exciting. He's grown softer too, but it suits him more. He is quietly maturing into a strong doctor in the hospital. He figured out that the couple had been running a meth lab and argued with the father on the baby's side. It earned him a smack in the head and the kidnapping of the baby, but at least Alex had the guts to stand up to the man.

All Meredith does is avoid; she avoids love and she avoids family. In this episode, she's avoiding both. She's trying to emotionally give up on Derek and avoid Lexi too. Will she ever realize that not everything can be avoided?

Izzy has another episode in which she feels she doesn't belong. In the beginning of last season, she was depressed over the death of Denny, was detached and unlike the bubbly Izzy during the whole of last season. She wanders around the hospital now, trying to find a place to belong. Izzy needs something to go right in her storyline now.

Cristina is strong. She does have this vulnerable side, the last moment we see if the episode, where she is sitting and looking at her now empty living room that was once filled with wedding gifts. Burke's belongings are gone; his mother went and talked to Cristina, helping her to let go of Burke and to face the fact that he isn't coming back.

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