Tuesday, September 18, 2007

TwoCents Fall Preview - Tuesdays (CBS)

Tuesdays have a full night of shows on...


Show: NCIS
Premiere Date: September 25th
Time: 8:00PM EST
TwoCents Staff Returning Drama Rank: 18 of 25
TwoCents Staff Writer: TBD
Starring: Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray, Cote de Pablo, Lauren Holly, David McCallum
Premiere Description: "Bury Your Dead" - The final showdown between the NCIS team and an elusive arms dealer reaches an explosive and deadly conclusion, on the fifth season premiere of NCIS.

Show: The Unit
Premiere Date: September 25th
Time: 9:00PM EST
TwoCents Staff Returning Drama Rank: 19 of 25
TwoCents Staff Writer: KP
Starring: Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Scott Foley, Audrey Marie Anderson, Robert Patrick, Max Martini, Abby Brammell, Michael Irby, Demore Barnes
Premiere Description: "Pandemonium, Part One" - The team is in shambles as Jonas runs from a deadly assassin, Bob may be secretly reporting to another agency and Ryan tries valiantly to put them back together, on part one of the two-part third season premiere of THE UNIT.
TV by KP: Last season I really got into this show as the acting is great and the show is so well written. Well, what would you expect from David Mamet? If you haven't watched Unit, at LEAST put it on your DVR and give it a chance, it's great storytelling.

Show: Cane
Premiere Date: September 25th
Time: 10:00PM
TwoCents Staff New Series Rank: 24 of 26
TwoCents Staff Writer: TBD
Starring: Jimmy Smits, Hector Elizondo, Nestor Carbonell, Rita Moreno, Polly Walker, Paola Turbay, Eddie Matos, Michael Trevino, Lina Esco, Samuel Carman, Alona Tal
Description: CANE is an epic drama about the external rivalries and internal power struggles of a large Cuban-American family running an immensely successful rum and sugar business in South Florida. When the family patriarch, Pancho, is offered a lucrative but questionable deal by his bitter adversaries, the Samuels, to purchase thousands of acres of sugar fields, he's faced with a tough choice: Should he cash out of the sugar business and focus solely on rum, which would please his impulsive natural son, Frank, or protect the family legacy that he built from the ground up by not selling, and side with his adopted son, Alex, who mistrusts the Samuels and still sees value in sugar?

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