Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Entourage" Recap & Review - "The Cannes Kids"

"The Cannes Kids"

Original Air Date: Sunday, September 2, 2007

KP - TwoCents Head Writer

This is kind of sad as I sit down to watch the final episode of the season for Entourage because, unlike last season, the new one won't start in just 3 short weeks!

So, we last left Vince and company at the airport getting a ride to Cannes with Kanye in his crazy big jet.

The boys have arrived and the episode is suddenly filled with B-Roll footage of Cannes flashing shots of stars such as Clooney and Angela.

The plan for Cannes? To sell "Medellin" to a distributor for as much as possible with all the hype around it.

Immediately the boys run into their old friend Prince Yair (no worries Vince, his wife he made you sleep with is gone from the picture). He wants to set up a meeting to again offer to buy "Medellin".

As this goes on in the lobby of the hotel - Johnny Drama Chase doesn't have a room ready! His reservation isn't in the computer. You see, he made it under his own name because "Viking Quest" is HUGE in France. Upon hearing this, Billy asks - "What the hell is Viking Quest?".

The boys all show up at Yair's yacht which is teeming with beautiful women in bikinis - all doing the Macarena. Yup - the Macarena. Immediately Drama is recognized and dragged into the throng of thongs and starts to rock the Macarena himself. I guess France really does love Viking Quest! Yair sets up Turtle to be 'taken care of' and the rest are off to a meeting room where Yair offers up $35 Mil for Medellin - the entire budget recouped in one offer. The boys don't accept and Ari can't wait to use this a leverage to get Dana Gordon to trump the offer.

Ari, after a few phone calls to Lloyd who is enjoying his Rosie cruise, in a BRILLIANT scene, sees Dana at a distance and hugs a very angry Harvey Weingard who still hates E's guts for backing out of selling him Medellin months ago. Dana sets up a meeting and offers the boys enough to recoup their budget too! This is what they really wanted because a Studio will get Oscar buzz!

Drama - looking for the love of his life, that he met doing the Macarena (who HASN'T fallen in love doing the Macarena?) returns to Yair's yacht and informs Yair they have a 50 Mil offer (which is bad info he got from Turtle). Yair ups his offer to 75 Mil to Nicky Rubenstein (the chief investor) and of course Nicky accepts it, JUST as Dana agreed to her offer. Ari isn't happy, but he'll take it.

The boys show up, dressed to the hilt for the first ever viewing of Medellin! The world is on the edge of the seat! The audience fills in! Drama finds his girl (VICTORY!) and the movie starts - smiles all around. Yeah, that didn't last long. The movie finishes to NO applause (well, except Billy). E gives an "I told you so" look to Vince, Ari has to be woken from his sleep and the audience lets out a collective groan as they leave the theater. It's a bomb. Dana thanks Ari for NOT accepting her offer, Yair pulls his own and in comes Harvey Weingard who wants to buy the movie! For $1. Sold.

The boys leave and in typical Vince fashion, he only sees the bright side. And what did Drama think of Medellin? Yeah, he didn't see it. He and his girl were, unknown to themselves, doing a live sex show on the beach for all of Cannes to gawk at. Only once Turtle yells "GO DRAMA" did they have any idea they haven't been alone!

The season ended on a high note, and I enjoyed this season very much. Rest up boys, I think a $1 "Medellin" will be very interesting to watch promote next season!

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