Friday, August 3, 2007

X-Games Jake Brown's Crash and Walk Away!

[Submitted by: Andy B]

The X-Games. Day 1 Recap.

So here I am, your devoted UFC follower, and I'm sitting down last night watching the X-Games as I do every year. With so many great moments in the past, like Shawn White colliding with another skateboarder during a dual run. Or Travis Pastrana landing the first 360 in competition on a motorcycle. Or who doesn't remember when Tony Hawk kept trying and trying and trying to land a 900 in skate vert best trick and FINALLY did it...what an emotional ride that was. And even last year, when Travis Pastrana landed a double backflip on his motorcycle. This year's X-Games are no different, and it's only been one day of it. But I already almost saw a man die.

That's right. I literally thought I saw a man die last night. First let's talk about this: When you think about someone jumping out of a 5 story building, do you really think that person has a chance of surviving? Even if he does have knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet on? Let's say that same person lands almost directly on his tailbone? Think he may even be paralyzed? Yeah, me too. But that's exactly what a lot of people saw last night, and especially online today that Australian born Jake Brown land the first ever 720 across a 75 foot gap (720=two full rotations) on his skateboard, and then get a little squirrelly going up the quarter pipe on the other side and immediately fall at the bottom of the ramp.

I'll let you know that these skateboards know how to fall correctly. They learn that at the very beginning, and there are lots of falls in this big air competition. But I've never, EVER seen anything like this:


Make sure you watch it till the very end, because you can see just how high he really was. The quarter pipe is about 25 to 30 feet high, then the skateboarders go another 15 to 20 feet up to do a trick. So he essentially fell around 40-50 feet. Everyone is talking about this. Everyone around the sports world is amazed...because he GOT UP AND WALKED IT OFF! The best part of that video is that while everyone is in shock and worried about the dude, Tony Hawk still goes "I can't believe he landed the 720." I thought that was kind of dickish, until I saw what Jake Brown was saying to the medics. "Did I land the 720?"

I remember in college twisting my knee and almost tearing my ACL playing intramural softball, and I had to be carried off the field. I'm big wussy baby compared to this dude.

Oh, and I guess he had ZERO broken bones with all this. It's beyond comprehension.

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