Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The King of Queens Series Finale Recap and Music


I've received a lot of emails and page hits from people looking for details of "The King of Queens" finale. (Here's the TV by KP I wrote before it aired.)

I'll write a recap in the comments giving you all the tidbits of the hour-long finale. Since it's been aired on CBS, it's not a spoiler anymore now is it? Click HERE if you want to read it, if it's still on your DVR, DON'T click there!

As far as those of you looking for the song during the ending clips montage, I emailed my contact at CBS and she told me it's called "Milk and Honey" by Million Billion.

Good? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Also - the ratings were great!

…From CBS Entertainment


The Series Finale of "The King of Queens " Delivers its Largest Audience and Highest Adult 18-49 Rating Since 2003

The one-hour series finale of THE KING OF QUEENS delivered its largest audience and best adults 18-49 delivery since 2003, according to Nielsen Live Plus same- day ratings for Monday, May 14.

The series finale of THE KING OF QUEENS was first in adults 25-54 (6.1/14), second in households (8.8/13), viewers (13.61m) and adults 18-49 (5.2/13, -0.1 behind NBC).

This is THE KING OF QUEENS' best delivery in viewers, adults 18-49 and adults 25-54 since Nov. 26, 2003.


  1. Here's what happened in the finale.

    In the last episode, Doug found out that Carrie didn't give up the apartment in Manhattan.

    Carrie leaves for the wedding of Arthur to his singer finance.

    Doug stays behind waiting for Deacon. Deciding his marriage is over Doug gets really drunk and Deacon has to force him into the car to go to the wedding (minus pants of course).

    Deacon picks up the Rabbi for the ceremony and he gets stuck in the back seat with drunk Doug.

    Carrie is with Arthur's fiance who admits to Carrie she's marrying Arthur because she thinks he's gay. Carrie says he's not, Arthur makes lude comments, wedding is off.

    Arthur finds Spence's mom (Anne Meara) and proposes awkwardly in the men's room. She accepts.

    Doug continues to drink.

    Spence, thinking he was going to be with Carrie, finding out he has no chance looks to move back in with Danny who is at the wedding with a date, who happens to be his new roommate. Spence is alone.

    Doug is outside in the alley drinking where Spence joins him to whine about his Mom marrying Arthur. Doug tells him he's getting divorced and offers Spence to live with him then wrestles Spence.

    Holly (Nicole Sullivan) shows up at the reception preggers. She keeps talking about her husband being in the bathroom. In reality he left her and she's alone. Holly ends up outside with Doug and Spence and whines about being alone and Doug offers she can live with him. Spence is out. And then Doug asks Holly to wrestle.

    Carrie finally comes outside to confront Doug. Cue the very serious monologue that Carrie never took a leap of faith for Doug. It's over.

    Deacon ends up giving the best man's speech - very funny.

    Carrie is talking with Kelly (Deacon's Wife) and Kelly shows Carrie how many leaps of faith she has taken.

    Carrie and Doug fight, Carrie pushes him through a table. She gets a cell phone call, their baby is ready for adoption in China. They won't be together so now it's a race to China.

    Doug gets Deacon to drive him home, Carrie hid his passport. Carrie made it to the plane. She seems teary, she puts her seat back, sitting behind her - Doug.

    The fight a little, then Carrie tears up and explains her need for that apartment, they work through it and end up saying I Love You, Doug leans in for a kiss as the guy next to Carrie puts his chair back squishing Doug's head.

    While in the hotel in China with their new baby Carrie comes out of the bathroom. SHE'S PREGNANT!! Two babies! They will be a big family now!

    They do a flash forward a year of Doug and Carrie chasing the kids around, Arthur walks in the door with his suitcase screaming "It Didn't Work Out". End of show.

    Show ended with a great montage of clips through the years to "Milk and Honey" by Million Billion.

    Happy now? Comment me some love!

  2. OH, and Danny's new girl/roommate disagrees with him and Spence about some model reality show, and Spence and Danny end up roommates again. Sorry I left that part out.

  3. I've been looking for the lyrics to that song, but can't find them anywhere. Has anyone found them? Email me at cciufo@wsu.edu

    Thank you!

  4. yay they dont split up! lol

    i only just got into the show and since the series is over i decided to read ahead on imdb but they didnt have the full synopsis for the final episode and i was feeling my heart breaking at the thought of doug and carrie divorcing lol.

  5. i wish it was still on :/

  6. Me too. That show got me through 6 months of having no cable. I really identify with them. Forget shows that portray Fictional perfect family dynamics,this show reached out to the real world. I'm definitely going to buy all the seasons, but for know...youtube shall do.

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