Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Idol Final 3 Recap

Here we go, who goes home and who goes to the finals?

3 Contestants, 3 Songs, 3 Judges.

Judges have picked a song, Producers have picked a song, and the finalist get their own pick.


Simon's pick for Jordin Sparks is "Wishing on a Star". I've never heard this song before. A torch song. 17 years old - yeah right. Awesome job. So good. Randy thought it was a very good vocal, Paula loved Simon's pick, Simon thought she sang it brilliantly but hated the arrangement (not Jordin's fault Simon!). Jordin had never heard it before either.

Paula's pick for Blake Lewis (she always gets the guys huh?) is "Roxanne" by the Police! Awesome song! Blake not going Sting falsetto on the ROXANNE part. I thought it was good, not great though. Randy gave him an A, Paula said he did him proud and Simon said it was good it wasn't great. It's scary how closely I think like Simon. Hmm. I'm even wearing a v-neck tshirt right now...OH NO!! If I start talking in an accent, PLEASE someone tell me! Ok? Cheers! (AHHHH)

Randy chose "I Believe in You and Me" by Whitney Houston for Melinda. Doesn't he always say don't sing Whitney!? Wow. It's a very pretty song and of course Melinda did a phenomenal job with it. Randy thought it was amazing, Paula thought it was one of her best performances yet and Simon said round one went to Melinda.


They chose "She Works Hard for the Money" for Jordin to sing. Great choice for her. She rocked it out of the house. DAMN! Randy said no matter what she sings it's great. Paula was up and dancing the whole time and said she 'worked hard for the money tonight' Oh man. Simon couldn't stop laughing at Paula but did get out that he thought it was a great performance. So far I'm voting for Jordin tonight...that's right. I'm texting "Vote" to 5701 (standard texting costs apply.)

Blake gets to sing "This Love" by Maroon 5 thanks to the producers. An amazing song, an amazing performance of it. Loved the beat box in this, sounded like it belonged. He could release this song. Randy said this is the kind of record he should make. Paula was hoping he got to do that song, and Simon thought it was even better than the first song. "Good, yeah".

Shrek 3 is coming out? I didn't know, thank goodness there are a few commercials out for it!

And the producers handed "Nutbush City Limits" to Melinda to sing. I wanted her to sing Tina, but not sure this song. Holy cow, she's using this voice that she hasn't used yet. WOW! I'm actually excited by a Melinda performance. Her voice is amazing people. Damn. Randy thought that was a great song style for her, Paula thought she looked like she had fun, and Simon loves that side of her. He thought it was brilliant once again.


This is what I wanted to hear. What do they all pick for their own styles.

Seriously, Shrek 3 is out? I can get glasses at McDonalds with their pictures? Amazing!

Jordin selected "I Who Have Nothing". It's a ballad, that lets me down a little Jordin. However, my anti-love for ballads on this show is offset with how much Jordin commands the stage. She's really really good. She sells the HELL out of these songs. Wow, amazing ending Jordin. You won over a ballad hater. The crowd is insane. Randy thought it was her best performance of the night, nice control. Paula says it sat well in her voice and Simon hated that she sang an old song. Always his comment.

Blake chose "When I Get You Alone" by Robin Thicke. (Is he the son of Alan Thicke from Growing Pains?). (Ok, how old am I that I had to rewind the DVR to listen to what song this was because I had no idea what it was. hahaha) [UPDATE! I looked on IMDb and he IS the son of Alan Thicke from "Growing Pains"!!!] WOW! He beatboxed with Sir-Mix-A-Lot on Baby Got Back! NICE!! This song is a talking song. Hmm, would rather hear you sing long notes Blake. He's dancing up a storm, but the song isn't really highlighting his voice. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Hey, he beatboxed again. Could this be the last time we hear it in competition? Randy thought it was cool but didn't love it, just aight. Paula loved it as an example of who he is as a performer and Simon really liked it.

Melinda brings it home by choosing "I'm a Woman". They named a street for her in her hometown. That's AWESOME!! OH I KNOW THIS SONG!! Blues - love it. Amazing pick. Melinda just earned her spot in the finale in my opinion. I would pay to have her version of this song and I would love to see her sing it concert. I haven't said that about most of her stuff this season, but DAMN. Great performance. The background singer, got to sing up front of three backup singers tonight!! Randy thought it was HOT. She could sing the phonebook! Paula loved that she stepped out into the spotlight and celebrating. Simon loved the striptease (she took off her jacket) and said she's earned her spot in the final. High praise. Ok, she'll get a vote from me tonight. She impressed me tonight. She turned me around.

This will be an amazing finale no matter who is in it. WOW! I thought this class this season was WEAK, and mostly they were! But these last 3 are all superstars. They will all have hit records unless the Idol records people make them sing out of their elements, like they've done.

I think Blake is going home, but don't feel bad, he's going to make a LOT of money in this business.

So, how about you? What did you think tonight? Who will be the final 2? Who is going to win this thing? Leave some comments!

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