Tuesday, May 1, 2007

End of April Report

Greetings to all the Two Cents regulars and all the new people we seem to get every day!!

Our second month has closed and here is the April report for TheTwoCents!

- We grew from 3,080 views in March to 5,590 views in April! Can we beat it in May?

- To date we have reached 244 story posts!

- Our new logo, featuring our little friend "Lincoln", was released!

- The Two Cents Shop opened for business!

- We were nominated for The Best Pop Culture award at the Blogger Choice Awards.

- We introduced our new forums!

- We had Two Cents & Five Questions with Melissa Cashion (Dallas Children's Theater), Todd Judson (The Sopranos), Skip Ploss (Author), Richard Gonzales (The Office / Film maker), Teddy Margas (Stand-Up Comic), Nikhil Korula (Musician), Lourdes Benedicto (24, The Nine), and Sarah Smith (TheOfficeChat.com)!

- We debuted The Office Conference Room, where "The Office" fansite owners give their Two Cents about the show. We've received feedback from OfficePranks.net, The Office Live Journal Community, MySpace, TheOfficeChat.com, OfficeQuotes.us, TheOfficeGuide.net, and "More Than That" Mtt.justonce.net!

- We announced the "Two Cents of Pop Culture In Your Life" contest!

- Our big referrals came from some sites that I'll repay the favor for! Thanks to Live Journal, NorthernAttack.com, MySpace.com, TheOfficeChat.com, the-sopranos.com, Facebook.com, OfficePranks.net, LifeInTheOffice.com, technorati.com, RealityCheckByGina.com, and mtt.just-once.net! Thanks to you all!!

May looks to bring some great stuff to the site. We've been contacted by some very interesting people and look for the site to grow more as the television season heads into its final month, the summer movie season begins and everything else starts coming up roses!!!

Thanks to you all!



  1. Yea for the twocents.com!!!

  2. Well done $0.02!!!


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