Tuesday, April 24, 2007



That's right! It's your chance to win!!

We at The Two Cents want to see what Pop Culture is like in your life! And we want to see The Two Cents being a part of it!!

So, we introduce our "Two Cents of Pop Culture In Your Life" contest!

It's really simple!

Here is what you need to do:

1. Purchase any item from TheTwoCents Store. *NEW* Or Print Out This Photo *NEW*

2. Take a picture of something "Pop Culture" in your life while the TwoCents product is in view!

3. Email the photo, description of the photo and it's Pop Culture relevance, along with your contact info (name, email, phone) to InYourLifeContest@TheTwoCents.com

That's it!

The photos will then be posted on a special website to be revealed later. Our readers will be able to visit this website and vote for the photo they feel best depicts Two Cents of Pop Culture!

The photo with the most votes will receive any item of their choice from The Two Cents store as well as their own "Two Cents & Five Questions With..." interview here on the website!

So, get going! Need some ideas? How about:
- A photo of you wearing a TwoCents T-Shirt while standing under the Hollywood sign?
- A photo of your friends holding up a TwoCents teddy bear outside the Cheers Bar in Boston?
- A photo of a group of people drinking coffee from their TwoCents Mugs standing near the Welcome to Scranton sign used on "The Office".
- A photo of your child wearing a TwoCents Bib while watching "American Idol"
- A photo of you holding a TwoCents Post Card standing in front of the Panda Cam Panda's at the National Zoo?
- A photo of a TwoCents Magnet on the cabinet next to your PC as you view TheTwoCents.com?

Catching on? So many ideas you could use!

- Open to residents of the United States only. Sorry can't ship prizes internationally.
- A maximum of three (3) photos allowed per entrant.
- Only real photos will be judged, no photo tricks.
- Deadline for submitting photos is 11:59pm EST, Friday, May 25, 2007
- By submitting the photos you agree to allow TheTwoCents.com and its staff to post these photos for public viewing.
- Your contact information will not be posted on the website.
- In the event that first place votes are tied, a public vote-off will occur, putting the tied photos up against each other for another round of public voting.

For any questions please email InYourLifeContest@TheTwoCents.com

So, I hope you guys are all interested, if not, this was 20 minutes of my life I won't get back. :)

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