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The Office Conference Room...

[Updated: 4/6 8:15PM EST]
FINALLY! The Office came back to us with a new episode last night!

Now, since this is my favorite show on television, since Sports Night, a simple "Talk About" column isn't going to be good enough for me. So, I've reached out to people who maintain Office specific fan sites to provide their Two Cents about each episode.

Check back throughout the day for additional comments as they come in! Look for this column every week!

SALARY NEGOTIATIONS DRIVE MICHAEL TO THINK ABOUT HIS OWN PAY - Darryl (Craig Robinson) decides to meet with Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) to negotiate a pay increase. Meanwhile, Jim (John Krasinski) deals with the consequences of Pam's (Jenna Fischer) confession to Roy (David Denman).


Name: KP
Office Site: The Two Cents
Review: I could not have been more happy to have The Office back and this episode was not a let down in the least. The pay off of the "Don't miss the first two minutes" tagline was great. Dwight saving Jim and wanting no respect for it was phenominal. I enjoyed the tension that is back between Jim and Pam. Andy's return was wonderful too. Don't we all wish we could pepper spray Andy? Great Angela, Creed, Stanley, Oscar, and Kevin moments. Where the hell is Meredith? Jim's ending talking head was great too. What I didn't like was Jim's obvious wig (due to his short hair in the movies he had been filming) and Roy's sudden compassion in the coffee shop. I mean, he destroys a bar and then waits around days later to kill Jim, then suddently he's cool about it and trying to coach Pam to date Jim? Yeah, I didn't get that.
Favorite Moment:Toby dealing with and then talking about Ryan and Kelly could go down with the all time best moments of the show.
Favorite Line: Kelly: That is the bravest thing I have ever heard.
Ryan: I can’t imagine what I would’ve done.
Kelly: I can. You would have left me to fend for myself. Like the time we were on the ferris wheel and that kid dropped a milkshake on me and you just laughed.
Ryan: Well that was funny, that’s why.

Overall Episode Grade: A-


Name: Step
Office Site: The LiveJournal Office Community
Review: The minute Dwight pulled out the pepper spray, thus ending the 'What on earth is Roy going to do to Jim?' mystery, I said to myself, 'Of course, that's exactly how that should have gone down.' Because it was perfect. Of course Dwight has pepper spray, and of course he's been waiting to use it. The rest of the episode dealt with the ramifications of Roy attacking Jim. Pam and Jim are once again awkward around each other, but in a way that brought the Casino Night incident to the forefront of their minds - something that I'm sure Karen was also thinking about. Jim seems to be in denial, where Pam is finally using her new self-confidence in her favor. Not quite all the way there, but it's a start, Pam. Angela missed the incident, but was able to relive it through everyone in the office's retellings - Dwight as a hero, even I can agree with Angela on that. Dwight had to deal with Jim's gratitude (Jim declaring them even after seeing Dwight and Angela? Brilliant.). And Michael had to deal with Darryl's request for a raise. And with all of the cross-dressing (amazing!), negotiation tactics (check out this comment to see what Wikipedia has to say about it), and withholding sex from Jan, I found a new appreciation for Michael Scott. There really is no one like him. And there is nothing like this show. I'm so glad it's back.
Favorite Moment: The juxtaposition of Pam's interactions with Jim and Roy. With Jim, there's so much left unsaid in their conversation, and with Roy, he says exactly what Pam wants to say to Jim. Now if only Pam would go ahead and say it to Jim herself.
Favorite Line: "I don't think Michael put me back here with Ryan and Kelly as punishment, but if he did...Genius." Toby officially became my hero this episode, he soldiered on even after having to deal with two couples that honestly, I couldn't even spend 5 minutes around. Team Toby, all the way.

Overall Episode Grade: B+


Name: Adam Tidwell
Office Site:
Review: Besides the season two finale, Casino Night, I don't know if I've ever enjoyed watching an episode more than this one. I didn't think there were any dull moments or any unfunny plot angles. I am a spoiler-phobe, so I had no idea what was going to happen. Heck, I don't even read the episode description before I see it. Dwight's talking head after he sprayed Roy ranks up there as one of my favorite cold opens. My heart sank as Michael was being made fun of for his low salary. My heart sank lower when Pam agreed to see Roy over coffee. And my heart hit bottom when Roy asked Pam "Wait a minute, you broke off our wedding for the guy. You're not even gonna try to go out with him?" The Michael/Jan interaction was top notch this episode. And we had a large dose of the funniest I've seen Ryan/Kelly. And of course the obligatory randomness of Creed. So much happened in this episode, I need to watch it at least three more times to take it all in! Initial impression: The Negotiation is in my top three with The Injury and Casino Night.
Favorite Moment: I screamed like a little girl when Jim saw Dwight and Angela, so... yeah.
Favorite Line: "What is so stupid about wanting to name a baby Usher? Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor."

Overall Episode Grade: A++


Name: Ben
Office Site: Office Pranks
Review: I've been obsessing about what's to happen to Jim when Roy tries to confront him. I thought Dwight might have a hand in it, but this was the perfect Schrute-like thing to happen. Three main things stuck out to me from this episode. First and foremost, Roy getting fired and his coffee date with Pam might have been the most eye-opening thing for Pam this season. Who would of thought that the voice of reason for Pam as it pertains to Jim would come from Roy. His line: "You mean you’re not even going to try to go out with him? I don’t get you, Pam." And her response of, "I know" said it all. Everyone who loves this show as much as I have been screaming this for months. The second thing, if the writers are trying to make Karen a completely unlikable character, then they are doing a stand-up job. I've always found the side of Karen that I have agreed with and I was rooting for her at times. But this episode, she seemed so condesending and just mean to Jim that I wanted to smack her. I understand why she would be upset, but what did Jim do lately to deserve it? He kissed Pam on Casino Night and admitted that he still had feelings (to Karen) on The Return. He has done nothing to deserve the attention of Roy lately and yet she is still mad. Karen is walking a slippery slope with me. The final main point was that it is obvious to me know, that since Traveling Salesman, Dwight has been the most intriguing and fun character to watch, week in and week out. Is there any other character on television that whips out pepper spray in an office and you watch unsuprised. Brilliant, just brilliant. Few final thoughts: I NEED SOME PRANKS!!!, Jan and Michael were made for each other, there should always be this much Darryl and Toby, there is nothing greater than seeing Angela getting turned on, and for the sake of everything good and holy, Pam needs to make a move on Jim; not the other way around. I would've liked to see some more humor, but a great episode nonetheless.
Favorite Moment: Jim catching Dwight and Angela and then the camera catching Jim. His subsequent look to the camera in the bathroom is priceless.
Favorite Line: Toby, the absolute star of the episode: "This may be the first time that a male subordinate has attempted to get a modest, scheduled raise by threatening to withhold sex from a female superior. It will be a groundbreaking case…when it inevitably goes to trial."

Overall Episode Grade: A-


Name: Sarah_TOC
Office Site:
Review: This has been my favorite episode of the season behind Traveling Salesman. I laughed, I screamed and maybe I teared up just a bit. There were high expectations with the last episodes ominous last line. I was not disappointed. Was I a little sad to see Roy fired? Yes I was, but I was also very happy! And I think all Jam fans can agree it was time for him to go. Now if only Karen could start a fight with someone!
This episode also had my favorite Michael/Toby moments ever. I swear I love to watch them and poor Toby having to listen to Kelly and Ryan. I couldn’t stop laughing! Darryl stole the show. And I totally agree with him wanting to help Michael get his raise. You just can’t help yourself in wanting Michael to succeed. How can you not root for the guy wearing a bisexual suit?
I am hoping that with Roy’s encouragement perhaps Pam will make her move. I am not holding my breath at this point. Every episode I think something is going to happen and nothing ever does. I am content to watch them pine for each other from afar, but I am hoping this season finale we will get something more than a stolen kiss.
Angela showed her naughty side this episode. It was so nice to see Jim walk upon her and Dwight kissing and deciding he wouldn’t tell. Those were some of the best Jim looks ever!
I cannot wait for next week! Andy is out of rage-hap!
Favorite Moment: Michael showing off his Italian bisexual suit. And when he showed Pam it had no pockets on the pants and her giggle into the camera.
Favorite Line: Michael: "Where? — I’m gonna smack you in the head with a hammer. C’mon, let’s go."

Overall Episode Grade: A

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