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WCG Ultimate Gamer - Recap & Review - The Gauntlet

WCG Ultimate Gamer
The Gauntlet

Original Air Date: Apr 21, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

As you can all imagine I was pretty bummed when my uber gamer crush Ciji went home last week. But, the reviews must go on so let’s get to it and see who will be left standing after… THE GAUNTLET!

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  1. This week’s game challenge starts off right away with a game called Asphalt 4- which they’ll be playing on a mobile phone! Jamal and Robert get the top two scores the first time around so they duke it out one on one in the final round. The winner is… Jamal! Soon however our host, Joel, reveals that the Gauntlet is upon them and that games will be played in ways they never thought possible. And that when the gauntlet was done four of the final six gamers would be going home!

    6:30 in the morning… 38 degrees outside… and the gamers are driven to a warehouse where there new challenge will begin. The gamers are brought into a room with a full racing apparatus to play Project Gotham Racing 4 again. The winner will get a bonus for the next game. The last place finisher will be automatically eliminated from the competition!

    Oh, but there is one more catch. They all get taken out of their comfort zone as their racing chairs tilt back 90 degrees- they’re playing with their faces looking straight up to the ceiling and their all facing the TVs upside down! Needless to say, they’re all equally hopeless! Pretty soon Jamal has it all figured out and he takes off while Amy and Chelsea are battling it out to see who can avoid last place. Jamal takes first place, Amy comes from behind and takes fifth place sending Chelsea home- just like that!

    Jamal’s perk is that he can choose a way to impair any of the other players in the next game- even though we don’t know what game it is yet. Soon we learn the game is Rock Band 2- but they’ll be playing guitar and drums at the same time! They developed their own custom drum set which they’ll be playing with their feet while they’re hands are playing with their hands. Their drums and guitar scores will be averaged. The gamers get to practice twice before the real round- except for Jamal’s selection to only practice once: Mark.

    It’s time for the gamers to rock to Eye of the Tiger! Personally, I think I’d try and nail the guitar, and focus on two specific foot pedals for the drums. Maybe nail 95% on the guitar, something awful like 30% on the drums, and you still get like a 65% which may be at least enough to avoid last place. We’ll see if my strategy would have paid off. Ha! No sooner did I write this does Jamal explain he’s basically adopted the same strategy! Swoozie comes out on top as the winner. And the next person to be eliminated is… Amy. So it’s down to four gamers- four male gamers.

    Now it’s seven in the evening- they’ve been at this for over twelve hours- and we’re at the third game: Halo 3. What’s the catch this time? They’ll be playing all night long and they’ll be standing on a pedestal. They’re allowed to leave the pedestal at any time they want- but the game will not be paused which would leave them defenseless and vulnerable. Personally, this would suck, because I have a bladder the size of a pregnant woman so I’d basically be pissing my pants (literally) standing on that pedestal. Swoozie’s advantage for this round is five minutes of free gaming where he can blast everyone else as much as he wants.

    Soon they’ve been going at it for a few hours. It is 30 degrees in that warehouse. And the hosts wheel in a cart of Pizza and Cookies. They have to eat in the circle in the middle though and the snack will only be available for the next thirty minutes. Swoozie jumps down for a break quick but he’s eating pretty slow and I’m really not sure why. Soon he’s back up there but maybe the quick break will prove valuable for Swoozie in the long run. Soon Hanna comes in with a rope that is attached to a safe. In that safe is one thousand dollars cash. Will any of the gamers be tempted? I wouldn’t be- personally- but the temptation is too great for Jamal. And Mark. But Mark is going for the bathroom- not for the rope like Jamal. Jamal gets the money. Mark goes pee. And they’re both back.

    Finally, at 4:15 in the morning the challenge ends! Nine hours of gaming- standing up- without any real breaks. Damn, my hat goes off to those guys- for real! In the end, Swoozie is eliminated. The person with the most kills is Robert- he’s automatically going to the finals. The player with the second most kills- and going to the finale to face Rob- is…

    They don’t tell us!!! We’ll have to tune in next week to see who the second finalist is!! I have to say, this show is a lot of fun, and I ended up liking most of the gamers, and I think tonight’s episode was probably one of the best yet. Readers- what say you? Who did you want in the finals? And between Mark and Jamal, who do you think that second finalist is going to be?

    And what would a WCG R&R be without me shamelessly flirting with Ciji? Exactly! Call me girl- anytime! :D


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