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WCG Ultimate Gamer - Recap & Review - Things Get Explosive

WCG Ultimate Gamer
Things Get Explosive

Original Air Date: Apr 07, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Last week Swoozie danced his way into the next round and sent Geoff home. Now it’s time to get our gaming on and see who comes out on top this week! And don't forget to check out my interview with my uber-gamer crush Ciji!

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  1. This week’s game? Halo 3! Ciji and Mark seem excited for this one. We find out the real life challenge is going to be a ridiculously elaborate paintball match set to mimic a Halo 3 map. I am seriously jealous- as if paintball isn’t fun enough but I have it all themed out. Damn, these are some lucky gamers! The teams are four each- red and blue- and they’ll be duking it out in two rounds trying to blow up the other team’s base.

    The red team is all the boys (except Mark) and they’re going in pretty confident. Unfortunately, Swoozie and Robert get picked off quickly. The blue team devised a pretty clever code system for the team to move around (for example, they’d shout “water” to move up, which would keep the red team from knowing what they were actually doing). In a shocking twist of events in team challenges Dante decides to actually do something and picks off Chelsea and Ciji (noo!!!). Soon he’s in classic Danta-form though sprinting for the other team’s elevator (that’s where you have to get to win) and getting shot in the back of the head by Amy. Now we’re down to Amy and Mark on team Blue, and Jamal on team Red. Mark makes a move for Jamal and looses but then Amy runs out and picks him off. So Team Blue gets the win with Amy the sole survivor. This earns the Blue team a ten second advantage in the second phase.

    Each team will now be sprinting to retrieve and plant a bomb at the other’s base. Despite the ten second advantage, the Red Team actually gets their bomb first. Now they have to “hack” into the next room to plant the bomb. The Blue Team “hacks” in first (and who got the code figured out? That’s right my gamer-crush Ciji- you go girl!). The Blue Team will get some coaching from the top rated WCG Halo 3 players.

    It’s back to the house and most of the players are honing their Halo 3 skills. Ciji and Mark are getting pretty cozy together and then before you know it they’re sneaking off into the bathroom. Looks like Ciji thought they were gonna chat, and Mark wanted a little kiss from my gamer crush (who can blame him) but I think things may get a bit weird for Mark and Ciji now.

    The isolation challenge is coming up and the teams are switched up. It’s Dante, Ciji, Amy, and Chelsea on the Red Team which is somewhat bad news as Amy and Chelsea are not relatively new to Halo 3. And Dante and Ciji on the same team probably isn’t going to be a world of fun, either. The Red Team goes off to practice and Chelsea and Amy have a hilarious little back and forth where Amy says something like “don’t run at me with the shottie” and Dante is literally- palm on forehead- shaking his head thinking “we are so screwed”. The gamers enter the isolation chamber and there are eight pimped out gaming stations- flat panel wide screen TVs and everything- all setup. Seriously, gamer dream, holy cow! The Blue Team decimates the Red Team, but to be fair, Amy and Ciji on the Red Team- knowing that Dante came in last place in the earlier challenge, and they did not- purposely seemed to play pretty bad to try and get Dante in the elimination round. I think my gamer-crush ended up with 1 Kill. ONE KILL! That’s awesome.

    Ciji and Amy succeed in their plan and Dante is in last place. Mark is in first place. So mark will be pitting someone against Dante in the elimination round. Dante immediately takes Mark aside and says that he should pick Ciji to go into the elimination round. He mentions his past with Ciji, and his situation with Ciji, and Dante says that apparently Ciji is quite notorious for being a flirt at work and engaging in some perhaps serial dating that leans on the selfish side. Meanwhile, Ciji is telling Amy about Mark’s little bathroom-kiss adventure from earlier with Ciji.

    In the end Mark must be sicker of Jamal and Dante because that’s who he throws in to the elimination round. So it is time for Jamal and Dante to prove once and for all who the better gamer is. But then the hosts drop the bomb- Jamal and Dante will each pick another player to play along with them since Halo 3 is a game better played with teams. OH SNAP, SON! The team mates they add will NOT be in harm of elimination, however, they’re just there to help their friend.

    Turns out Jamal picks first and he picks Robert. So Dante swoops in and picks Mark who won the challenge. But, to be fair, Robert was a pretty close 2nd place so it’s not like Robert was a bad pick. Ciji goes right to the “confession room” (I don’t know what else to call it) and is pissed that Jamal didn’t pick Mark. But, I dunno, I think Robert was a solid choice. We’ll see. I guess my intuition was correct- Ciji approaches Jamal and he assures her Robert is better than Mark. Even Dante says Robert would have been his first choice, too! Unfortunately, Robert and Dante are closer than Jamal and Robert- in fact Robert doesn’t really even like Jamal- so we’ll see if Robert plays 100% or if he throws the challenge.

    Here we go- this is going to be a blast to watch. First to detonate three bombs in the other teams base wins. Jamal and Robert plant and detonate two right away. Jamal frags Dante at one point and even takes the time to dance on his dead corpse (in the game). Pretty soon Jamal plants the third and final bomb and wins the elimination challenge. Looks like Dante is going home!! Jamal even talks smack on his way out! Awesome.

    Alright, faithful readers… what did you think? Who did you want to see go home? Who would you have picked for your Halo 3 two-man team? And how awesome was that paintball challenge?

    Hey, Ciji, let’s go play Halo 3 sometime- and by play Halo 3 I mean go on a date! Call me! :D

  2. lol Ok 1- I got more than 1 kill... that's just all they talked about was how I held onto 1 kill for a while. I was letting Mark and Rob kill me.
    2- For the non believers go to I know how to play... I'm not amazing, but I'm good. :D
    3- Yes I'll play with you Tom. :D

  3. StarSlay3r -

    So you threw the match to screw Dante, then?

    Have you spoken to Geoff since you totally screwed him by not throwing the DDR match?

  4. Wow... throwing a match... GG...

    Seems like there is no honor among gamers anymore.

  5. Remember kids, who cares about friends when you can win at games...

    Learn from your superior gamers! watch WCG!!..

    No,well altest about that last part... but honestly i think rob didn't throw the match because he felt it'd be better to take down dante now, being his friend. Untill Later... Making jamal take the heat So it doesn't really seem like rob took out dante and stay friendship maybe? I mean he indirectly helped jamal, but he didn't really kill off dante himself... I think rob is coming back with a vengence... and jamal should watch himself..

  6. Worthless witch, throwing a match and being proud of doing so.
    I am so glad that you are out because gaming should not be represented by someone like Ciji.


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