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WCG Ultimate Gamer - Recap & Review - Sink or Swim

WCG Ultimate Gamer
Sink or Swim

Original Air Date: Apr 14, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Last week we watched Dante go home and hopefully this will end some of the drama that has been circulating through the house. Will the drama get better or worse? Come find out!

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  1. Jamal comes back to a pretty good welcome and I am pretty sure his ego is inflated more than it was even before. Ciji expresses that she hopes the drama will end now which I figure is foreshadowing that there will be tons of drama this episode. No sooner that I write this Ciji is discussing the incident from last week’s episode where Mark snuck a kiss on Ciji in the bathroom even though he has a girlfriend. Mark seems to be playing the “nothing ever happened” card which sounds like a cop out to me. Pretty soon the situation has exploded into the bedroom for all the roomies to see.

    Ciji is saying there was a kiss, Mark is saying she’s mad that she can’t have him, and ultimately the roomies don’t really know what happened so they can’t really judge. Amy tries to mediate a bit but ultimately it all seems pretty unresolved. I think Ciji needs to forget all this drama and give Tom (me) a call ASAP!

    Soon we find out the game challenge this week is NBA Live 09. For the real life challenge all the gamers have cute little basketball outfits. They start practicing their basketball skills on the court and pretty soon the hosts fill them in on a little secret: it’s going to be a dunking contest but it’s going to be from a diving board into a pool! AWESOME!! Oh my GOD, these gamers get to do the coolest challenges. I want to play! Although not everyone is excited to play, including my girl Ciji, who sums it up as follows: “I was like, God, you have to be kidding me, I’m going to drown and die and then I’ll be eliminated this is fantastic”. Oh my god, so melodramatic, but hilariously awesome, too.

    Swoozie is a mad man at the dunking competition. Amy basically just falls in the water but does funny stuff on the way in. I think Ciji held her nose going into the water. Mark is stunningly boring at dunking. And the judges say that Robert has “no athletic ability”. It was actually a really entertaining competition. After three rounds Swoozie is the slam dunk champion- he’s won tickets to see his hometown team and an autographed basketball from the judges. The last place finisher is Jamal. Maybe this brings his ego down a bit, but he does openly admit how bad he sucked at the challenge. The gamers head back to the house but I have to comment on how cute my uber crush Ciji looked in her little sports head band. You rock that athletic gear, girl!!! :D

    Robert decides to cash in his favor with Jamal for last week’s Halo help. Robert wants Jamal to make sure he scores lower than Rob in the isolation chamber because this is Rob’s weaker game. Jamal doesn’t seem excited to do this and tries to talk around it a little bit. We’ll see what happens as the gamers head off to the isolation chamber. Each player would control the same team- the Lakers- and battle the Houston Rockets for half a game. Jamal seems to have no intention of throwing the challenge. Ciji seems to be anticipating being in last place and sadly Joel confirms her worst fears and shes pretty upset. Wish I was there to give you a hug, girl. Mark ends up in first place again so he’ll be picking who goes up against Ciji in the elimination challenge- and with all the drama this can’t be good.

    Amy pulls Mark aside to talk to him even though she doesn’t seem to be comfortable with it. I don’t think Mark was really feeling the pow-wow though. Mark basically says no matter what Amy says he’s not sure what he’s going to do. We all meet at the rooftop to get Mark’s choice- and he has chosen himself. What is wrong with these people? The point of winning challenges is to stay OUT Of the elimination challenges. Either Mark is going to throw it- and lose- to save Ciji, or he wants to knock her out himself. If I were a betting man I would bet on the latter but we’ll see.

    The roomies don’t really even know what to think, either. But Mark does explain that Ciji would be a threat later on in the game so maybe it was strategic and not personal. Jamal helps Ciji almost all night and helps her pick a team to suit her play style- the San Antonio Spurs. Soon they are both off to the elimination challenge and maybe I am going crazy but I think Ciji has a hard purse in the shape of a coffin (Ciji- confirm/deny?).

    Ok, readers, it’s elimination challenge time at Samsung Stadium. I think we all know who your writer is cheering for so let’s hope my uber crush can pull through in the clutch and kick Mark’s arse. Ciji picks the Spurs, Mark picks the Pistons, and they’ll be playing a full game head to head. Game ON! Ciji supporters seem to be out in force tonight! Going into the 2nd half and the score is Ciji-6 and Mark-10. It’s 4th quarter time and Ciji Is down by six points. Down by four points. Booooooo. Mark ends up winning the game and my uber crush Ciji is going to have to go home.

    Ugh. Mark spouts out some crap about feeling bad because he lost a friend today and Ciji rolls her eyes (as she should). Applesauce. I say more like weak sauce.

    Well, readers, I’m pretty bummed for my girl Ciji. But come season two I think they should bring her back- with a vengeance! And, Ciji, if it’s any consolation (which, I am sure it is not) you’re still my #1 uber gamer crush and you can teach me to NOT suck at Guitar Hero any day. Team Ciji, baby!

    PS- call me! :D


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