Monday, April 20, 2009

The Tudors - Recap & Review - Episode 3.3

The Tudors
“Episode 3.3”

Original Air Date: April 19, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Christmastide. London. 1536. The Rebels are on hold. The King’s leg is a mess. Will he regain control of his kingdom? Keep reading to find out!

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  1. The young Lady Mary and the Queen seem to have conspired a little bit for Christmastide. First, they present Lady Mary’s former caretaker, and then they present to him his daughter Elizabeth (she’s like 3 or 4 I think). The King seems to receive it well but we’ll see if he beats up the Queen later. Next up is the man who led the revolution who the King takes into private to speak with. The King explains that a blanket pardon will be granted to all people in the North and that the North can have their own elections to parliament. The King again seems genuinely fond of the former leader… but I have a sneaking suspicion he will be beheaded or something soon.

    The King plans to ride off with the Queen to have the coronation at York in the North as a further sign of peace. The leader is convinced that the King is genuine but when he explains it to his captains they are still skeptical. They want another uprising. Maybe this was the King’s plan all along- to plant false information which would produce another uprising, and an excuse to make the King look like he had no choice but to ruthlessly crush the uprising. Man, if this is the case, then King Henry is seriously awesome.

    The King summons Cromwell and the Duke of Suffolk (Charles) and instructs Charles that he is to ride to the North, make the people of the North swear an oath to the King, and anyone who will not be apprehended and executed as necessary. Charles expresses some remorse that he has to go back on his word and the King goes into a rant about how rebellion is a serious crime and must be punished as such. I KNEW the King was just pretending with all this forgiveness crap!

    Soon the rebel camp (which was preparing for their march the next day) is attacked by arrows out of nowhere! Charles has returned- with a vengeance- and his army literally slaughters a great deal of the rebels and captures one of the main captains. Many rebels begin taking the oath and laying down their arms and the others are executed. Charles quickly breaks the back of the rebellion. In one case, some of those who would not take the oath are hung from a tree while their wives watch on and are held back by Charles’ soldiers.

    One of the rebel leaders is not just captured but tortured. And I mean, tortured. They take a piping hot poker and stick it where the sun don’t shine which I can only assume sears his butthole shut. That’s going to be difficult. The other leader- the one who trusted the King- arrives in London as required by the King where Sir Byron informs him he’ll be staying at The Tower of London “for his own protection”. Why do I suspect this is not the case?

    Charles gets back and Cromwell wonders why out of 40,000 rebels only 72 were executed. He even goes so far as to insinuate that the King himself is questioning his loyalty. The King orders Charles to go back North and make a more horrible example of the rebels. Cromwell arrives at the Tower of London to interrogate Lord Darcy and the rebel leader. Soon the King goes to see the leader personally. He explains that the people he is so fond of- the abbey keepers- are really hypocrites and traitors. The King expresses that he likes him- despite his mistakes- that he is honest in his heart. He is spared- but we soon see the heads of the others on pikes on display at the Tower.

    Meanwhile, to quickly cover the smaller plot lines, Sir Byron (eye patch man) continues to sleep with a slew of married or engaged women. This guy is awesome- I think he is my new hero. One of the Queen’s girls informs her that the King has taken a mistress in Lady Mistleton. But the Queen doesn’t really seem to care which is big of her. Soon we find out she isn’t so worried because the Queen is with child! The King seems happy at this which is good!

    Well, Tudors fans? What did you think of how the King handled the rebellion? Are you liking Season Three so far? I am loving it- as usual! But I want your two cents!

  2. Nice review.the show excels with the graphic violence in a lot of the episodes, and that should definitely be something incorporated in coming weeks.Really gr8 episodes. i have also seen it first episode of season 3.Gr8 episode.the tudors episode focuses on the life and romances of the young King Henry VIII.watching the people and the rolls they play are very good!

  3. I have seen this episode. It was really amazing. I love to Watch The Tudors TV Show Online. Its my favorite TV show. The plot of the show is superb.

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