Monday, April 20, 2009

Family Guy - Recap & Review - 420

Family Guy

Original Airdate: Apr 19, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

We start off at The Drunken Clam- where else- and Peter gets a call from Quagmire (with a hilarious camera phone pic) and insists that the guys go to Quagmire’s house. What kind of shenanigans is Quagmire up to now? Keep on reading and find out!

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  1. Well, turns out the big news is Quagmire got a cat. He named it James and Quagmire is being all girly about it. LOL- it’s actually really funny but his friends are confused about why they are there. Meanwhile, the guys are all bummed and don’t really like Quagmire anymore- they think he’s different now that he has a cat. Case in point, Quagmire wants the gang to sign a birthday card for James, too! The gang hatches a plan while Quagmire is out of town to find- and shave- the cat. Unfortunately, they decide to let Peter do the shaving… and Peter cuts the cat’s throat (a few times) and kills it. Good job, Pete. *sigh*

    Of course, on the way to bury the body, Peter and Brian get pulled over. The cops approach and see Peter covered in blood and scratches, empty beer cans, and the bloody corpse in the back. But they decide everything is OK. But a small bag of weed drops out of Brian’s pocket and the cops freak out- “pot- a small amount of pot- you’re under arrest dirt bag”.

    The family comes to pick up Brian and he explains the hypocrisies involved in prosecuting weed, and how William Randolph Hearst ran the original smear campaign in the 1930’s because hemp was poised to replace lumber as a means to make paper- though Hearst had a huge stake in the timber industry. I didn’t know that- that’s interesting. Brian goes home but Joe shows up for a random drug test- he needs Stewie for a urine sample because Brian has been smoking weed. Stewie… for some reason… is naked instantly.

    Brian decides it is time for Quahog to legalize pot! He gives a little speech in a park but he isn’t really going well. Stewie gives him some pointers- in the form of a marching band- that attracts the attention to the protest. Which is now basically Stewie and Brian throwing weed into the audience! Awesome I wish I was there. Soon Mayor West has legalized Marijuana!

    Soon, Lois’ dad, Mr. Peuterschmidt, kidnaps Peter (by beating him up and tossing him into a limo). He explains that legalized weed is killing his timber profits and they have to illegalize weed again. Peter is reluctant to turn on Brian but is bribed with the use of a flashy yo-yo. They kick Peter out of the limo- and beat him up again- and Peter develops a hilariously offensive video to scare people off of weed. What is this video, you say? It’s an authentic Hitler clip- only a weed cigarette has been placed in his mouth- with Peter doing a voice over that says “hey let’s go kill six million Jews” and the Nazi rally attendees cheering and clapping. Hitler’s Peter voiceover explains he came up with this idea because he was high on pot! But, sadly, Lois’ dad gets a call- it’s Fox News and they own the rights to Hitler and they don’t want him slandered. Oh, Family Guy, I love you for picking on Fox News all the time!

    Soon Carter arranges a meeting between Stewie and Brian- to a warehouse where Carter has printed two million copies of Brian’s book. At first, he won’t cave, but when he sees the “Oprah Book Club” cover he starts to cave. Stewie tells Brian that his novel is good enough to be published on its own merits even though he’s obviously using every ounce of his energy to tell this lie to Brian! But, unfortunately, Brian seeks one final confirmation from Stewie who replies with “maybe you should do a small song on why Pot is bad”. Poor Brian- his book must really suck!

    In the end, Mayor West re-illegalizes Weed and Brian’s book is a major bomb (it has not sold a single copy). Stewie makes a fort out of Brian’s unsold books and proclaims “I’m made of mediocrity”. ROFL! At the very end Quagmire shows up with a reward poster for James and a fifty dollar reward for anyone who can tell him what happened to him. Peter thinks about it. Takes the fifty dollar bill and says “I killed your cat” and quickly slams the door!

    Best Quote:
    Brian: “Uh, you don’t have to be naked for this”
    Stewie: “But I don’t have to not be naked for it, either, ah-hah!”

    Funniest Moment:
    Peter is so baked and he does one of his famous “this is crazier than the time I…” which leads to a quick clip. But Peter is too stoned so instead he can’t remember so he treats us to a list of celebrities he doesn’t like. The list includes Princess Diana, Chris Martin, and all of Chris Martin’s family. It was hilarious!!!

    Final verdict:
    A solidly funny episode with a lot of laugh out loud moments. Is there any social topic Family Guy won’t tackle? I hope not. One day Family Guy will be looked on fondly by historians.

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