Friday, April 24, 2009

Survivor – Recap & Review – It's Funny When People Cry

Survivor: Tocantins
It's Funny When People Cry

Original Air Date: April 23, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Finally! A bit of redemption… Captain Cliché (Coach) is still in the game, but tonight brought a glimmer of hope with a spectacular dose of blindside! Dear Survivor, oh how I’ve missed you.

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  1. Coach: Yep. I still hate him. He thinks he is such a “Noble Warrior” full of integrity and wisdom, who came into this “battle” wanting to fight the strongest and win. Then Jeff pointed out at Tribal Council that he voted off Brendan and not, say, Sierra. How noble is that? We should just all come to terms with the fact that either Coach is a complete wack-a-doo, or an actor hired by CBS to switch things up a bit. Either way, he should really stop talking.

    Debra: Surprise of surprises, Debra won individual immunity (a rainy game of shuffleboard). I guess that whole “flying under that radar” thing is out the window. Everyone was very happy with her win (except Sierra) because that meant they could vote Sierra out. More on that later.

    Erinn: On the Reward (her team of Debra, JT, and Tyson won the Challenge), she ate so much she got sick… and threw it all up. Now I’m not feeling so well myself. Then, after the Immunity Challenge, in her delirium, she realized that this might be the ONLY chance they have at eliminating Tyson, who had won two Individual Immunity Challenges in a row. What? Really? Yes, PLEASE do it!

    Taj: It didn’t take much to get Taj on board for the potential blindside of Tyson. She is really just sitting back and watching everyone turn on each other, hoping she’ll be around when the dust clears. She just might be.

    Stephen: Poor Stephen got sent to Exile again… this time to find the NEW Hidden Immunity Idol. There’s gotta be one, right? I mean, Brendan didn’t play his at Tribal Council and was sent packing. Well, guess what? There is no new HII. Stephen got sent to Exile for nothing. Ha!

    JT: I am still really liking JT, especially now that Coach will be VERY upset with him. JT was the mastermind behind the Tyson vote (along with Stephen, but I refuse to refer to Stephen as a “Mastermind”) and straight-faced lied to Coach about it. It was a great move.

    Sierra: It is quite possible that no one in the game has a bigger target on her back than Sierra. She KNOWS she’s leaving. Everyone hates her, she can’t even BEGIN to plead her case. I don’t think there was ever anyone more sure of her fate at Tribal Council than her. So when a second vote came up for Tyson (her own was the first), the look on her face was priceless. Then a third, fourth, and fifth vote… I, myself, was jumping up and down and clapping at home while she looked as if she might faint. And Mr. Brendan on the Jury (still scruffy… nice.) was just as happy. It’s not that I love Sierra, but that I hate bullies…

    Tyson: What a bully. And what a WONDERFUL blindside. He left the show with nothing… none of his personal items, no clue, NOTHING! Sure, he was fun… but you have to admit: that was awesome!

    What do YOU think? Did the right person leave? Who will be sent packing next? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll buy a round.

  2. We went back and replayed the looks on both Tyson's and Sierra's faces because they were priceless. Sierra got the "Baroo?" face and Tyson got the "Aw, hayell naw!" one and they were equally hilarious. One of the best blindsides I've seen on Survivor.

  3. I totally agree, Shannon. We watched the reading of the votes a couple of times.

    Some other good looks: JT's school girl "he-he-he-he-he!" and Coach's "Well THIS never happened to me in the Amazon!"

  4. There was a great deal of maniacal laughter coming from me when the votes rolled in for Tyson. He just always seems mean and cruel for no good reason and I am so happy he's gone. I agree with what you and Shannon said about Sierra and Tyson's faces at the end. I also rewound to see Brendan's gorgeous scruffy face smiling and clapping when they all got up to leave.

    Oh, so good. Can Coach go home next? Please?

  5. Kara - I was so happy for you when I saw that Brendan had NOT shaved! Yummy! And, yes, PLEASE send Coach home next!!!


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