Friday, April 10, 2009

Survivor – Recap & Review – The Dragon Slayer

Survivor: Tocantins
The Dragon Slayer

Original Air Date: Apr 9, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Tribe Immunity is no more… what the castaways are now playing for in Individual Immunity. You know what that means. It’s Merge time, baby!

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  1. The Top 10 Things I Learned from Survivor 18

    Coach: Sweet mercy, this guy is a tool. The episode started with him doing meditation in the river… posing in an archer yoga stance and looking the fool. He then talked about how he will never lie in the game (which I can believe) and how the merge is like getting a new girlfriend: “New things to explore.” Eww. You are SO not a dragon slayer, man.

    Debra: Seriously, is she even on this show? Talk about flying under the radar.

    Sierra: At the Merge Feast, Sierra jumped right in, asking her new tribe mates what the last two eliminations were about. Most other players wanted to keep it cool and ease into things. Not her. The only problem is that she is feeling secure with her alliance with Brendan, Taj, and Stephen, and that complacency is putting a target on her back.

    Erinn: All she needed to do this week was sit back and watch her old tribe implode. The other tribe doesn’t have the numbers, so they are on the chopping block. Also, if anyone from her tribe gets targeted, it would be power players (like Brendan or Coach). She just needs to fly under the radar… like Debra.

    JT: As soon as the tribes merged, Coach was on JT like a cheap suit, trying to gain his confidence and make an alliance. But JT is no dummy. He knew going into the merge, he would be targeted for elimination, so he needed to look for the cracks in the other tribe and exploit any power struggle he found. And boy did he ever. He zeroed in on the struggle between Coach and Brendan and threw the target completely off any of the old Jalapio tribe. My only problem with his actions was the trust he is putting into both Coach (Sir Crazy) and Stephen (Mr. Weasel).

    Stephen: Speaking of weasels… this kid is doing anything and everything to stay in the game, and although that has worked in the past for others, I just don’t like that kind of playing. He is ready to throw Taj under the bus, one whose coattails he’s been riding, and then he came up with a plan to have the majority of people vote for Brendan, then the second group to vote for Sierra, just in case Brendan played his Hidden Immunity Idol. So, for those of you keeping track, he is conspiring against EVERY person in his original alliance.

    Taj: She is having a problem with Brendan. She is worried that he is not “in” their alliance anymore because he won’t talk to her. How junior high. She should have figured it out that he was lying low so that no one would suspect how strong their alliance actually IS.

    Tyson: Boy is a wack-a-doo, but he sure is entertaining. He won the first Individual Immunity challenge, and tried to get an alliance going with Coach, Stephen, and JT. They were the masterminds of the evenings Tribal Council… if there is one. What?

    Brendan: He’s no dummy. He knew going into the merge that he would be on the chopping block, even though the other tribe only brought in 4 members. He’s a threat, and he knows is. He has decided to lay low for a while, then start cooking up some plans with Taj. Until then, he has his Hidden Immunity Idol, and he’s not afraid to use it.

    Joe: Poor Joe. First, the fake hidden Immunity Idol he found (courtesy of Taj) got left buried back at the old camp. Bummer. Then his infected knee catches the attention of Mr. Jeff, who makes Joe stay after the Immunity Challenge to get looked at by medical. It’s bad news. The his knee has a bug in it. That’s right… A BUG. And that bug is causing the infection. If it gets into his bone, he could lose his leg. If it gets into his bloodstream, he could lose his life. So Joe is airlifted out of the game. Goodbye, Mr. Flirts-With-Everyone.

    What do YOU think? Who would have left if Joe hadn’t been forced out? Who will be sent packing next? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll buy bug repellent.


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