Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saying Goodbye to ER

There are those moments you saw on TV that become engraved on your memory. For me those include sights of the Seinfeld gang on the stand, the Friends leaving their keys on the kitchen counter, the Soprano family sitting in the diner and the infamous black screen of death, Cliff and Claire Huxtable dancing through their living room and out of the set and by the audience, Jim finally telling Pam that he loves her, and others.

Now, ER hasn't had its defining moment of a finale yet, I'm sure there will be something tonight. However, the scene that's stuck in my head from the show is one that has been shared by a few previously on this site.

The moment that Carter realizes he's been stabbed got us all, then, let's add to the scene that he falls and turns his head to see poor Lucy. Was there anyone who didn't catch their breath? I can still feel it in my chest when I picture that scene in my head. Then, the 3rd beat? When Kerry finds them. WOW. What an amazing episode - so powerful.

I admit, I've drifted away from ER in recent years, to me it will always be Ross, Carter, Hathaway, Green, Benton and the gang. The current cast is just the girl from News Radio and Uncle Jesse to me.

However, I look forward to tonight. Our old friends will meet with the new and they will all say goodbye to their home, their history and to us.

Thanks ER! With your exit, NBC closes the door on the 10PM Thursday Night Drama that has included Hill Street Blues and LA Law and goes to Jay Leno. I haven't visited with you in years ER, but I will miss you.

KP - TwoCents Editor-in-Chief


  1. The moment after Lucy's surgery, when Romano & Kerry are standing there quietly - Kerry begins to clean her up & Romano tells her someone else can do it, she never stops. That one was : WOW. It was the first time Kerry broke out of her "I'm a dictator" witch mold & it was a quiet moment of accepting Lucy was gone.

    I can't watch that episode whenever it comes up in the syndication rotation. It's just too much for a 10am show.

  2. I have watched ER for pretty much the whole time it has been on. I've definitely been a more faithful watcher in the past years since I had a son and my nights pretty much consist of staying in since he is asleep. I like the newer cast as well as the old one. Archie just cracks me up and he is such a good guy. I am glad to see he has found someone before they signed off for the last time. :)

    Memorable moment? Hmmm, the one you mentioned with Dr. Carter on the floor, staring at Lucy is definitely one of the scenes that sticks in my head. I am usually riveted to the TV while I watch.


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