Friday, April 24, 2009

The Office - Recap & Review - Broke

The Office

Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

In a classic opening sequence, Michael has a van which he uses to make 5AM deliveries of paper. He picks up Ryan (put keeps moving the car forward a bit so he can’t get in) and Pam (who Jim walks to the door in his boxers). Meanwhile, Michael honks the van and yells out “time to make the donuts” and the way he says it is hilarious and the fact that it’s 5AM and Michael doesn’t care that he is screaming and honking! Ok, folks, off the The Office!

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  1. We find out that Dunder Mifflin has lost ten major clients to the Michael Scott Paper Company. Charles is not happy with this information and he really doesn’t know how he can inspire this bunch of slackers! David Wallace- the CFO- comes to visit the Scranton branch and Charles suddenly turns on the charm. He says he should be thanking David for the chance to work with this team but then again he is standing in front of all of them. David enters the conference room and invites Jim in- Charles objects and would rather bring in Dwight (which David is a little surprised about). They both get to go in!

    As they have ten clients Michael and the gang head to the accountant to see if they can hire a delivery man. The accountant informs them they can’t afford a delivery man because their prices are so low they aren’t technically making any money. Ryan explains that the price-model is fine, but the accountant explains the reality! In fact, the more paper Michael sells- and the bigger his company gets- the more money he loses. Because the price to run will be more than the profit he makes!

    During a quick break from the David Wallace meeting, Pam informs Jim that Michael Scott Paper Company will probably be out of business in a month. The debate continues and Dwight makes Charles look kind of stupid because his only idea is to put a bee hive in Michael’s office. Soon they realize the cheapest route may be to buy Michael out- and David asks Jim to make the offer since he is close with Michael. Jim quickly gets Michael, Pam and Ryan on board but of course this all hinges on Michael NOT saying anything stupid in the meeting with David and Charles. We’ll see if he can pull that off. I doubt it.

    David’s first office is twelve thousand dollars. Michael rejects it and David scoffs and explains Michael can’t be making much money and that he is probably in debt and scared. Michael raises him and explains that Dunder Mifflin has a shareholders meeting coming up and he’ll have to explain why the most profitable branch is now bleeding clients. It was by far Michael at his finest- even Pam was amazed. I was amazed! David returns with a sixty thousand dollar offer.

    Soon though, Dwight gets a call from a customer who wants to come back because Michael is trying to raise their prices. Dwight rushes to tell Charles but Jim makes him look like an idiot before he can ruin the deal for Michael, Pam and Ryan. Michael does not just want his sixty thousand dollars though- he wants his job back- and the jobs back for Pam as a saleswoman and Ryan, too. Davis is incredibly reluctant but he agrees- begrudgingly.

    Well, Michael, I’ve got to hand it to you. After a small stunt in business you made sixty thousand bucks and got your old job back and a promotion for Pam. Nice work! What did you think readers? Are you excited to have Dunder Mifflin back in one piece?

  2. didn't get the 60k, it was just the jobs


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