Friday, April 24, 2009

Grey's Anatomy - Recap & Review - Sweet Surrender

Grey's Anatomy
Sweet Surrender

Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Derek and Meredith are engaged… Christina and Hunt are broken up… Izzie is alive... Lexi and Mark are public. Are you ready for some new doctor drama on Grey’s? Follow me, readers, and let’s dive in for a little lightening R&R…

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  1. IZZIE
    Hard at work planning Meredith’s wedding- without really even asking Meredith what she wants- despite the fact that she is starting her aggressive Chemo treatment soon and it’s probably going to sap literally all the energy out of her. She somehow manages to get a reluctant Meredith to try on wedding dresses for her, too! Izzie’s putting on a strong show but soon she’s vomiting suddenly when no one is looking and soon she passes out picking up a wedding dress that feel on the floor.

    Trying to figure out why he almost choked Christina to death he starts seeing the shrink at the hospital. He gets pretty agitated at Karev when a suicidal patient finds a way to hurl himself out a window and soon Owen is impressed with George’s trauma skills in the OR. Looks like Karev’s star is fading fast.

    Something must be bothering Lexi because every scene she has been in so far she’s pounding some kind of sugary treat (jelly beans, candy bar, etc). It’s actually pretty funny. It could revolve around Mark and Derek being in some kind of surgical pissing match. Ultimately it’s because Derek is mad about Lexi and Mark- but soon they make up during a surgery when Mark performs a pretty slick move while they are both operating. Pretty soon Mark and Derek are best buds again, and Lexi is going to be a bride’s maid!

    Callie introduces Arizona to her over protective father- but not before he sees (and tries to strangle up against a wall) George and then Mark. It was pretty amusing, actually. Now Callie’s Dad wants her to come back home with him so Callie is ranting to Arizona- but she keeps drifting in and out of English and Spanish and Arizona has no idea what she’s saying (for the Spanish parts). Soon, Callie’s Dad is trying to bribe Richard (with a donation) to take Callie home and eventually he says Callie has to come home or he’ll cut off her trust fund. But Callie realizes she is an adult and she tells him no- and she cuts him off. Obviously this is weighing heavily on her shoulders though.

    Quote of the episode:
    Izzie: “You’re getting married- it’s a miracle. Meredith Grey, child of darkness, has found someone. Don’t you want to celebrate that? It’s your day, Meredith, you can’t just piss it away on a stupid slip dress and a cheese tray from the grocery store. That will just make me so sad and I don’t wanna be sad because I’m already suffering through Cancer and that’s sad enough”


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