Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Castle – Recap & Review – Always Buy Retail

Always Buy Retail

Original Air Date: April 13, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

So this Big Bad from Nigeria is smuggling passports in knock-off designer purses, but he seems to have misplaced said purses. The answer? Kill everyone who has worked in the black market stall or anyone who has bought a copy of that purse from said stall until you find the passport, right? Oh, and make the killings all ritualistic and voodoo-ey. Simple.

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  1. TwoCents TwoLine Recap[From my trusty INFO button] A ritualistic killing draws Beckett and Castle into the world of Vodun, a mysterious religion Castle researched for a previous book. Elsewhere, Castle prepares for the possible return of Alexis' mother.

    TwoCents TwoFavorite Moments
    1. During a moment that needed to be very quiet (sneaking up on the killer kind of quiet), Castle’s phone goes off. The ring was his daughter Alexis yelling “Dad! Dad! Dad!”
    2. Castle’s custom-made bullet-proof vest with the word “Writer” embroidered across the front. Need I say more?

    TwoCents TwoFavorite Quotes
    1. “That would be a very special brand of hell. The Hell of the Deep-Fried Twinkie… the guilty pleasure you know is bad for you so you only do it once, maybe twice a year for the novelty of it. But a deep-fried Twinkie every day?!?” -Castle about the prospect of his ex-wife, and occasional bed-partner, moving back to NYC.
    2. “If you shoot me, do I not bleed?” –Castle (paraphrasing Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice BTW) at Beckett’s mocking of his new bullet-proof vest.

    What do YOU think? Still watching? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll get ourselves a knock-off purse.

    Next Week: Home is Where the Heart Stops


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