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American Idol - Recap & Review - Top 7

American Idol
Top 7

Original Air Date: April 14, 2009

Patricia Morris Buckley — Associate Staff Writer

Whoa — Quentin Tarantino gets to say the words “This is... American Idol”? Ryan must really love him. But really — Tarantino as a musical mentor? I just don’t get it. And a lot of his advice is useless. And quite unmusical. So maybe that accounts for no real break out performance this week.

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  1. Whoa — Quentin Tarantino gets to say the words “This is... American Idol”? Ryan must really love him. But really — Tarantino as a musical mentor? I just don’t get it. And a lot of his advice is useless. And quite unmusical. So maybe that accounts for no real break out performance this week.

    Or, maybe not. We are getting to that point where contestants are getting tired as the competition gets fiercer. I mean, everyone on that stage is super talented, so it’s hard to point out a clunker.

    I’m shocked that the producers actually responded to last week’s overrun issues (maybe Fox really gave them heck for that). So they decide to have just two judges critique each singer. But add in a few short interviews with contestants — and we still ended up with the show going longer than DVRs were prepared to tape (I don’t know about you, but we added Fringe to our DVR list to be sure we got all of AI). At least, this time all most people missed was Lil Rounds telling off the judges. It’s probably better for her that this happened! Still, the judges’ comments for the last two contestants were terribly brief.

    You would think that a major TV show like this, in its 8th season, would know how to come in one time. Or maybe the producers are just flexing their No. 1 show muscles to prove they helm the most important show on TV.

    Anyway, here’s what went down last night on Movie Song Night—

    ALLISON IRAHETA: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing… from “Armageddon”

    It’s nice to hear her start soft and build to the belting. This isn’t her best, but you can’t help but admit she can really sing.

    Paula says she possesses the same “special sauce” as Adam and she’s a remarkable, talented lady. Simon thinks it must be BBQ sauce because she’s “hot and spicy.” He adds that she is “the girls’ only hope left in this competition” because she is getting stronger and more confident. It’s tough song and he’d never heard anyone else sing it that well. (If you were Lil Rounds hearing this, wouldn’t you have a sneaking suspicion that Simon’s critique tonight isn’t going to be good?)

    ANOOP DESAI: Everything I Do, I Do For You… from “Robin Hood”

    His voice is so smooth and it looks as if he has his confidence back. He’s certainly figured out what America wants to hear back from him. It’s a heartfelt performance that he makes his own.

    Randy believes he’s found his zone and showed true emotion. Kara says he’s found his placed— singing pop songs with soul and this is the first time she’s felt connected to him as a singer.

    ADAM LAMBERT: Born to be Wild… from “Easy Rider”

    It’s like Jekyll and Hyde the way Adam flip flops through each week. Last week, his “Mad World” was so incredible that I’m thinking of buying it on iTunes — something I’ve never done before. This week is more screeching and off-the-walls energy. Not my cup of tea, but he has a vocal range that is unbelievable.

    Paula says he dares to “dance in the path of greatness” and calls him one of the “bravest contestants ever.” Simon agrees the vocals are incredible but the performance is like watching “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” He thinks some people will love it, while others will despise it, and adds “I don’t think your performance will be as popular as the one last week.”

    MATT GIREAUD: Have You Ever Loved a Woman… from “Don Juan DeMarco”

    Matt gets interview time, which previous contestants didn’t. He’s at the piano and goes out of tune several times. I think he’s in trouble.

    Randy points out his pitch problems and believes Matt had more bad moments than good. Kara is concerned that he took away some of the core melody and if you do that, it has to be done well, which he didn’t do.

    DANNY GOKEY: Endless Love… from “Endless Love”

    He gets an interview, doesn’t wear his trademark glasses and sits on a stool. It’s not the greatest vocals he’s ever done, but it is the most powerful emotionally.

    Paula thinks he shouldn’t have picked such a low key but loves the timbre of his voice, calling it “a beautiful, beautiful rendition.” Simon can’t fault the way Danny sang as he’s a brilliant singer, but is concerned that he didn’t change it up.

    KRIS ALLEN: Falling Slowly… from “Once”

    Singing without a guitar, he has trouble with enunciation and doesn’t change up the song much. It’s an OK performance following last week’s not-so-great performance. That might spell trouble for him.

    Randy loves the song, but says it was “pitchy from note one.” Kara disagrees with Randy and calls it one of Kris’ best moments and commends him for picking an obscure song.

    LIL ROUNDS: The Rose… from “The Rose”

    Man, she’s having some pitch problems. In her clip she talks about changing the song up with a gospel section — but she needed to do that for the whole song, not just four lines.

    Paula is cryptic, saying that the song couldn’t have more beautiful lyrics and “sometimes the road is long.” Simon blasts Lil: “Once again, you’re not getting this competition. That was too soft, too middle of the road. It had some nice moments, but you aren’t the artist we met six or seven weeks ago.”

    Lil talks backs, saying she did what the judges asked her to do, but it seems hyper defensive at this point in the competition.

    I think the bottom three will be Matt, Lil and Kris. But you never know whose fan base will kick in and save a contestant from an off performance. Even so, it feels as if it is Lil’s time to go.

    What do you think?


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