Tuesday, April 21, 2009

24 - Recap & Review - Day 7: 2:00AM - 3:00AM

Day 7: 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM

Original Air Date: April 20, 2009

Jeff P. – Sr. Staff Writer

Last week we (or should I say I) was blown away by Tony’s betrayal. One minute he’s saving lives, the next minute he’s killing Larry. Oh, and Jack Bauer is still dying too. Did I mention that?

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  1. Last week we (or should I say I) was blown away by Tony’s betrayal. One minute he’s saving lives, the next minute he’s killing Larry. Oh, and Jack Bauer is still dying too. Did I mention that?

    A woman that was supposed to be going to the White House is surprised at her door and killed by two people, one of them who will be impersonating her. Oh boy.

    Elsewhere, the tactical team reaches Tony and Larry. Tony tells them that Robert ambushed them. Then Kim tells Renee that Jack won’t accept her help. Before Renee can discuss the situation she gets the news on Larry.


    Renee gets a team together to swarm the area where Robert is hiding. That will be hard to do, since Tony wants him to escape. Tony tells Robert that he wants him to blow a building, even if it kills more FBI agents. Jack gets on the copter… he isn’t planning on Renee having all of the fun.


    President Taylor updates Olivia on Jonas’ threat, while the impostor is entering the White House. The President wants Hodges to be remanded to the FBI for questioning. In the holding cell, the imposter shows up to talk to Jonas. She tells him that the company is very unhappy with him and is concerned that he’ll spill the beans on them. She hands him a pill that will give him a cardiac arrest. Either he takes that, or his family will suffer the consequences. She calls another guy from the company to tell him that Tony will get the container to them soon. (He works for THEM? Ack!). Robert finds an abandoned building to blow near the agents and notifies Tony. Jack and Renee arrive at the site and Jack starts questioning Tony, who seems to not remember anything.


    Kim calls her husband and tells him that her father is dying. And then we find out that they have a child… she named her Terri, after her mom. She tells him that she didn’t want to tell Jack that he was leaving behind a granddaughter too. Back at the site, Jack starts to get the shakes again and Tony sees him take his shot to calm himself down. (I wonder if he will use this against him later? Hmm…) Robert has taken out an agent and calls in to say that “he” is in the building. Renee orders an invasion of the building, and they’re apparently heading into the trap.


    Jonas gets loaded in a van by a couple of soldiers. When they start driving, he takes the pill and has the planned cardiac arrest. During the rush of the building, Jack gets a call from an FBI agent that questioned him about a discrepancy with information that he’d gotten from Tony. Jack realizes that it’s a trap and tells Renee to get out. Just then, the C4 starts the explosions.


    After the explosion we see that Robert is sporting an FBI jacket looking to escape. Jack finds Renee and he starts to put together that Tony may be involved. He sees Tony helping Robert into an ambulance and puts a gun up to him. (This is while Robert is getting away, of course). Jack isn’t fooled by Tony’s lies, but the disease starts to take effect on him and he falls to the ground. He looks in his pocket and can’t find his shots, and then sees Tony holding them. Tony calls for help then walks away while Jack is seizing. Meanwhile, Robert takes out the EMT and takes over the ambulance.

    Is there a better show for cliffhangers? If so, I can’t think of one. Sure, it’s pretty implausible that there are cliffhangers every hour on the hour in a given day. But I’ll trade in some plausibility for the fun. I was happy to see that Jack has a granddaughter, and I do expect him to see her, though most likely next season. I can already see a recovered Jack starting season 8. And finally I am very interested in the “Company”. I would love to see an opponent to Jack and CTU/FBI like James Bond had SPECTRE. I loves me some espionage. So, what did YOU think? Is there a better show for cliffhangers that I’m not thinking of? Will Tony die, get caught or make it to next season? Do you like the Company? I thank you for your two cents.


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