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WCG Ultimate Gamer - Recap & Review - Shut Up and Drive

WCG Ultimate Gamer
Shut Up and Drive

Original Air Date: Mar 24, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Last week Kelly was eliminated in the Virtua Fighter 5 competition. Let’s see how Kelly’s love interest, Geoff, takes the bad news and what happens to everyone’s favorite gamer babes on this week’s episode!

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  1. The house is anxious to see who returns from last week’s Virtua Fighter 5 Challenge. In walks Amy and Geoff is obviously very disappointed that his girl, Kelly, is gone. Soon the gamers find out their game will be Project Gotham Racing 4 (PGR4) and their real life challenge will be drift racing. The gamers are divided into teams of two each and they’ll all have to chances to successfully drift their stunt cars around a few barrels.

    Dante (on Geoff’s team) goes on and on about how he loves to street race and that this challenge is in the bag. And then of course during the driving he screws up the first heat and almost kills the camera crew on his second heat. So, once again, Dante really comes through in the clutch and sucks as usual. Robert also doesn’t do so great because he’s from New York City and has literally never driven a car. He still did better than Dante. Chelsea also hit a barrel which was notable.

    Mark and my girl Ciji end up winning the real-life challenge! Chelsea and Swoozie are in last place. Now the gamers are off to practice for the isolation chamber and Dante keeps talking smack about Jamal. Actually, Jamal puts up and challenges Dante to a game challenge- any game. Dante and Jamal square off in Virtua Fighter 5 (a la last week). Jamal serves Dante and I am glad because Dante is such a TOOL.

    Ciji and Mark start getting a little cuddly. This writer is definitely jealous but I’ll try and keep my head on straight and thankfully Mark has a boyfriend anyway. Phew!! Ciji, if you need a gamer boyfriend, I’m right here- call me! Shameless flirting from your writer aside, Ciji and Mark got their private gaming session with the PGR4 champ and earned some good new pointers before the isolation chamber.

    All the gamers put on a strong face after the isolation chamber but we hear that none of them really did that great. The last place person, after the real world challenge and the isolation chamber, is… Alyson. And the first place player is… Dante. DANTE? WTF? Ugh. A second week in a row? Lame.

    Dante offers up the idea that if everyone tells me their scores then Dante will just pick the lowest other time. Of course, the other housemates play dumb, and so whiney Dante plays the world’s smallest violin again. If Dante hates Jamal so much why doesn’t he put him into the elimination round?

    Moment of truth- who does Dante select to face Alyson in the elimination challenge? Oh, so he does select Jamal! Looks like all his crap talk is coming back to haunt him but we find out Jamal was actually ranked #4 so he’s pretty high. Jamal even talks crap to Dante when they get back and honestly it’s pretty funny. But it was interesting to see that while Jamal and Alyson are practicing no one is helping Jamal and everyone else is helping Alyson. But, Jamal is not here to make friends he’s here to win. Jamal and Alyson make a sleep pact- that they won’t practice all through the night and they both sleep on the couches outside.

    Ok, it’s game time: Jamal versus Alyson on the big stage in some PGR4 action! They’re taking three laps all over the London track and Jamal is off to an early lead but a few bad turns and Alyson takes the lead for a while. Jamal comes back, rubs her out of the way, and takes a three second lead. It’s a close race but Jamal comes out on top and another cute girl leaves the show for good!

    Ok, readers, that’s it for another exciting week of WCG Ultimate Gamer and Jamal quips that he can’t wait to throw this back in Dante’s face! And, can we please send a guy home next week!! What are your two cents, readers?

    Oh, And why hasn't Ciji called me yet? :)

  2. Your a sad sad little man if you are that into that whore ciji.

  3. Ciji is awesome. I am totally into her. No apologies.

    Thanks for your comment! Oh, I think you meant "you're" not "your". But that's OK. All forms of grammar are welcome here! :)

  4. Ciji screwed Geoff BAD. She didn't throw the match... with friends like that, who needs enemies? Ciji is a ho-bag bitch - I want to be the last person you see, she says to Geoff? What a BITCH

  5. "Ciji screwed Geoff BAD. She didn't throw the match... with friends like that, who needs enemies? Ciji is a ho-bag bitch - I want to be the last person you see, she says to Geoff? What a BITCH"

    Wow that is an understatement, I didn't like Jamal but Ciji is a back stabbing BITCH! And she doesn't like Dante because of personal reasons because she herself is such a BITCH.

  6. I'm just glad the two emo freaks are gone now. You had Dante who cried and whined about everything, and mean everyone is to him. And Ciji the backstabbing bitch who hates the world and anyone who does not agree with her. Both probably went home to cut their wrists and cry/hate all night long. They must lead very lonely lives. :P


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