Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Guy - Recap & Review - Not All Dogs Go to Heaven

Family Guy
“Not All Dogs Go to Heaven”

Original Airdate: Mar 29, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Family Guy is clearly on a mission to offend everyone in the world- a mission I support whole heatedly. This week Family Guy finally tackles something near and dear to this writer's heart- atheism. Please do enjoy!

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  1. Our favorite Quahog gang attends a Star Trek convention and apparently Peter is a huge fan, as is Stewie, who gets very upset that all the Trek geeks are asking random non-Star Trek questions during the Q&A session with the cast of The Next Generation. Unfortunately, Meg takes a picture with a guy that has the Mumps and she comes down with the illness. Turns out Peter didn’t get Meg her Mumps vaccination because it was 1992 and it didn’t involve Dan Cortez! Anyway, Peter has not had Mumps either so the doctor warns him against hanging out with Meg. Peter drops off a TV for Meg- in an old-school steel diving suit. Meg ends up watching a Kirk Cameron (of Growing Pains fame) religious special.

    Meanwhile, Stewie bought plans to construct the Star Trek transporter bay- which he assembles in a day- but when he tests it out hoping to beam down the cast of Star Trek he gets Quagmire (tied to a chair) and four Asian women! Oh, Quagmire! Meg comes down to breakfast the next day and she’s been reborn as a Christian! Peter breaks the forth wall to announce to viewers that it’s going to be a Meg episode- he produces a remote and says “go ahead- no one would blame you”. It was actually pretty funny but poor Meg!!!

    Stewie’s second teleportation device succeeds and the entire cast of Star Trek the Next Generation appears in his room! He asks a few questions and the answers are pretty funny. Unfortunately Meg continues to plague her family with Kirk Cameron specials. Her family really isn’t into it but when she asks Brian about it we learn Brian is an atheist (heck yes!!) and his family is stunned. Even though I wouldn’t consider anyone in that family religious- at all- they all seem to be mortified that Brian is an Atheist (well, at least once they explain to Peter what that is- funny quote below).

    Stewie takes the cast to a fast food joint. Patrick Stewart beats up on Will Wheaton a lot and the cast cannot decide on anything that they want to eat. Stewie gets pretty annoyed pretty quickly. Back at the house, Meg tries to convert Brian to Christianity but he is having none of it. Meg leaks the story to the press and the town reports it (with a graphic of Brian that says “Worse than Hitler”) and is none too happy. A brick gets thrown through the Griffin’s living room window- then Brian’s Prius is thrown through the window, too.

    Brian continues to have trouble outside as he’s the most hated man in Quahog now. Brian decides to try and fake his way out of this and he asks Meg to spread the word around town- but really he’s just trying to get liquor again as local bars won’t serve atheists. Meg takes Brian to a Christian meeting- which turns out to be a book burning. Meg proclaims that they have to destroy everything that is harmful to God so they toss in Darwin’s “Origin of the Species”, Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” and “logic for first graders”. But Brian talks Meg down with some logic and she realizes the error of her ways (quote below).


    Meg: “Brian, you’re a thoughtful person- are you willing to open up yourself up to god’s truth”
    Brian: “Oh, you’re barking up the wrong tree, meg, im an atheist”
    Family: *gasps*
    Peter: “What’s that?”
    Brian: “I don’t believe in god.”

    Lois: “An atheist? I mean that’s just the worst a person can be!”

    Brian: “Ok, fine, then let me just ask you this. If there were a God would he have put you on Earth with a flat chest and a fat ass?”
    Meg: “I’m made in his image.”
    Brian: “Really? Would he give you a smoking hot mom like Lois and then have you grow up looking like Peter?”
    Meg: “Well…”
    Brian: “And what kind of God would put you in a house where no one respects or cares about you not even enough to get you a damn Mumps shot?”
    Meg: “Oh no, you’re right Brian. You’re right. But what is there to believe in without God? Where do the answers come from?”
    Brian: “Well that’s all part of the human experience. That’s what we’re here to find out. And I bet you that the real answer to the nature of our existence is going to be more unimaginably amazing than we can possibly conceive. “

    Then the show pans out taking you through the entire galaxy, and other universes, and we arrive in a bedroom with Rob Lowe and Adam West in bed reading (separate beds). Alrighty then- mystery of the universe solved!

    WRAP UP…
    And that’s that, readers. I think it’s great to see Family Guy getting back to their biting social critiques of serious subjects like religion. What’s your two cents?

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