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WCG Ultimate Gamer - Recap & Review - Kicking and Screaming

WCG Ultimate Gamer
Kicking and Screaming

Original Air Date: Mar 17, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Robert returns after his victory in "Rock Band 2" in the first episode's elimination round. But the moment passes quickly as our gamers are hurled into their second round of challenges- this time with a martial arts twist. Ready for some more hot gamer babes? Then keep on reading!

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  1. The episode begins with some updates on the housemates. Geoff and Kelly really seem to be connecting and the other housemates seem to be noticing. Will this affect their focus? We’ll see.

    Soon we’re off to the real world challenge: martial arts. The group is split into two teams- the red team and black team.

    Essentially, there is an obstacle course with a number of boards. Each time goes back and forth guessing how quickly they can break all the boards. Eventually one team will call the other team out and see if that team can hack it. If that team does it they get two points, if they do not, the other team gets one point. Rinse and repeat until all the stages are complete. Also, a martial arts guru who is observing will pick a game MVP who gets a special prize.

    I would want my MVP prize to be a date with Ciji.

    The teams compete and it comes down to the final stage with 100 boards. Eventually, the red team prevails, after an impressive effort by Matt and Geoff. Although, the real fun was when Dante failed, sat down on the ground by his name, and moped in shame for a few minutes. God what a pansy. Ultimately, Geoff wins the MVP and his prize is a one-on-one session with the Virtua Fighter 5 WCG Champion.

    We get back to the house and we quickly realize that no one- this writer included- likes Dante. They all think he’s a whiney little girl. And he is. They cut to a scene of the house playing hide and seek (seriously? Sign me up!) and he is complaining that a door was open when he got tagged or something. Dude, are you for real? How old are you. And cut those bangs, dork!

    Soon we get to the isolation chamber where each player goes head to head with the computer in Virtua Fighter 5. Basically, whoever gets farthest in the game against the CPU opponents will win this challenge (which counts as 50% of their total score for this episode). Long story short, Kelly sucks and gets last place which is a shame because she is cute. Dante, somehow, comes out on top overall and gets to select the person that will face Kelly in elimination.

    Dante, who feels guilty for his failures in the real life competition, of which Kelly was on his team, decides he wants to try and help Kelly out. He floats the idea of Ciji and Amy. He lands on Amy and we find out when he selects her that she came in 2nd to last in the tournament so at least it will be a fair fight.

    I was going to be pissed if he picked Ciji. That’s my girl.

    Before the elimination tournament Geoff is like about to cry for his girl- who he loves- Kelly. Even though he’s known her like three days. Are you serious? He gives her his lucky beanie. Will it help? We’ll see.

    Kelly wins the first round, Amy wins a few, Kelly wins a few, and soon it’s tied at four rounds each- the first to five wins. It’s a close battle. Both girls have barely any energy left. And then BOOM! Amy knocks out Kelly and wins the whole shebang. Way to go, lucky Geoff beanie, you jinxed it!

    Anyway, Amy heads back to the house, Kelly gets booted, and in her exit interview, she is literally crying over Geoff and telling him (in the camera) how much she loves him. Dude, Geoff, that’s some impressive game you’re working over there. She is a cutie so lock it down when the show is over. But seriously guys can we keep the melodrama to a minimum? Good Lord, man!

    Oh, and Ciji, still waiting to hear from you. Call me!


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