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Ugly Betty - Recap & Review - Sugar Daddy

Ugly Betty
Sugar Daddy

Original Air Date: March 5, 2009

Karen - Sr. Staff Writer

Most of this episode dealt with the fallout of Mode after Conner took all the money. And Betty and her family fight to keep their home after the landlord decides to sell it.

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  1. Most of this episode dealt with the fallout of Mode after Conner took all the money. And Betty and her family fight to keep their home after the landlord decides to sell it.

    So we start out the show with Betty picking out an outfit to wear. She comes downstairs in all black (to set the office mood) and she actually looks fashionable…as Justin would say. Only to be disappointed when she turns around and there is a huge pink bow on her butt! Oh well, so close….
    Then we go to Mode and I have to give kudos’ to Wilhelmina for making a girl take off the gladiator shoes and then firing her for it! Love Willie’s style!
    While trying to figure out what to do, Claire decides to file for federal bailout.

    Betty is very smitten with Matt, but she is still paying for dinner! What?

    Back at the Suarez home an eviction notice is sent and the landlord needs to sell for financial reasons. They want to buy the house, but need to raise some money.
    Betty asks Amanda and Marc for the security deposit on her apartment.
    Justin does some street entertaining…and does pretty good.
    Hilda tries charging more at the salon.
    Ignacio takes a TV challenge to a cook-off with Frankie.
    When the cook-off is almost over, Papi hurts his back and Betty steps in to finish it. As the food is tasted….Frankie wins.

    Wilhelmina and Daniel get scolded by the judge when he sees a picture of them at dinner laughing and drinking a $400 bottle of wine. Hello…. Isn’t that how all of America feels nowadays? But this is Mode, people, we have to help them…Betty.

    Oh God help us! Marc is wearing a yellow and navy striped sweater coat! WTH! And he is trying to get hooked up with another hottie, (who has a baby).He is clueless about babies , but takes Willies, only to find out that Hottie left his with the nanny. So Marc leaves his with the nanny, too…Amanda!

    Back home, the Suarez’s get a check for $10,000. Betty thinks Daniel sent it, but he didn’t. Betty talks to Matt about it. But when the bill comes at dinner, Betty sees the same signature on her check is the same on Matt’s bill. We find out Matt’s family is wealthy. We’re talking worth billions (with a B). He says it was nothing to give her the money, “we give to charity all the time”. Uh oh, Betty is NOT charity! She’s a bit peeved!
    When Betty gets home, Frankie is there and admits he liked Ignacio’s recipe and couldn’t have him win on TV. So he pays Papi the 10grand and gives him a job.

    Kudos’ to Daniel for not wanting small America to pay for their losses. Boy, sounds like CNN headlines! So he going to liquidate al he owns and believe it or not, so is Willie. Boy has she changed! Which I have a hard time believing.
    Daniel takes Betty’s advice and goes after Molly to tell her that he is going to stay with her through the illness.

    Betty forgives Matt, he is glad because he is really into Betty. He then kisses her.

    Now, throughout this episode were small little segments of Amanda bringing up her parents (adoptive). She keeps says how she doesn’t want to talk to them and lots of whining. But she realizes from Christina that they are the ones who loved you and took care of you. Amanda calls them and tells them she misses them. I think I sense a story arc starting again.

    So what did you think? Kind of boring, compared to last week? Do you like the changes in Willie, or do think Willameaner will be back?

    Circular hallway: skulls and black frames- sooooo set the mood

  2. I don't mind the new Willie (although we did see her old self over the gladiator sandals!). I'm a little disturbed over some of the more cozy bonding moments between Willie and Daniel. Neither one of them can keep a relationship, so is the show heading towards pairing the two of them together? Scary horrible thought that I hope never comes true.

  3. I don't MIND the new Willie, but I do find it hard to believe that she changed so much in just a few weeks. God, I hope Daniel and her never get hooked up! The only other problem I had , was how cozy Betty was with Matt, so quickley. Remember how long it dragged out with her and Henry? But it is moving awfully fast with Matt, and I even like him.

  4. I was kind of surprised how quickly things moved along also. But then she did have that little revelation last week that she should put herself out there to get over Henry. I love Matt, so I'm liking where it's going - I love how into her he is. Let's just hope it lasts - they writers seem intent on no one having a normal long-term relationship. Of course, it is a soap opera. Whatever happened to that politician that liked Hilda? I thought they would persue that a little more.

  5. I think Karate Kid is back next episode or 1 after that (sex issue)and will be in a couple of episodes for a arc with Hilda.I think Betty will be getting a make-over too. From Marc and Amanda! LOL

  6. The Karate Kid..loved him way back when. lol!! (The Outsiders) that movie. I'm dying to see what kind of makeover they give her, I thought I read somewhere it's sexy makeover...Oh, poor Betty!! lol! I just love the scenes with the 3 of seems that's the only time the show doesn't seem that boring!!

  7. Let's just hope the make-over is not as bad as the one Hilda has given her...remember? twice!

  8. I remember the first one, don't remember the second one. :P

  9. The second one was in "Thousand words by Friday" and she wanted to look good for Henry and the band.Justin was mortified when he saw her hair.

  10. Oh, I remember totally slipped my mind for about a minute. :P


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