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Ugly Betty - Recap & Review - A Mother of a Problem

Ugly Betty
A Mother of a Problem

Original Air Date: Mar. 12, 2009

Karen- Sr. Staff Writer

The main story this week is Betty is meeting Matt’s mother. There are a couple of backseat stories involving Wilhelmina, Hilda and Daniel and I will cover them each, individually, ok?

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  1. The main story this week is Betty is meeting Matt’s mother. There are a couple of backseat stories involving Wilhelmina, Hilda and Daniel and I will cover them each, individually, ok?

    We start out with Betty having breakfast at home and Matt is there. Now this is where I get a bit angry and confused. Betty is all touchy feely with Matt and kisses him goodbye when she has to leave for work, but yet, she denies to Daniel that she would label him her “boyfriend”! What? Now don’t get me wrong, I like Matt, quite a bit actually. But I don’t recall any breakfasts that Henry was invited to, and he was clearly “the boyfriend”. I just don’t like how the writers are moving the Matt-thing so different from the way Betty was with Henry and Gio. Ok, enough rant!
    Betty meets Victoria Hartley (Christine Baranski) and she thinks Betty is the ‘help’. Betty is surprised to find out Matt never mentioned Betty to his mom. Mom is a ….SNOB!
    Betty asks Claire for advice for when she goes to dinner at Mrs. Hartley’s. She says there is always a subject that they talk about, and so they call the maid to find out what it is. She says “torture”. Betty is excited, because she read an article about it. I myself, think dinner will be torture.
    At the party, Matt covers Betty’s mishap by taking the blame for a flying mushroom…awe. Now, they sit for dinner and the conversation starts. The subject: tor…Opera! What? Victoria asks Betty to start. As she stumbles for words, she gets a text from Matt that triggers a memory of a Mode publication on opera and says some mumbo-jumbo connecting fashion with opera. They are impressed and one guy even wants to quote her. But Victoria does not like our Betty and tells her she is not good enough for Matt and this will be the last meal she has here. OMG! Poor Betty. As Betty attempts to leave, Matt tells her he wants her in is life and leaves the party with Betty.
    Later, Betty takes Claire’s advice and stands up to Mrs. Hartley.

    Willie is taking it hard, having to sell all her possessions, to get money to keep Mode afloat. Marc goes to Willie’s with the auction people to pick up her things and finds Wilhelmina in her bedroom on the bed with her furs all over her and jewelry all around her. She is so sad….GOOD GOD GIRL, GIVE IT UP! Marc takes pictures. Willie warns him: “if you took pictures on your phone, I will kill and eat you” …priceless!
    But when she talks to Daniel is still trying to deal with Molly’s cancer, they both learn that they have to live life to the fullest. So Daniel wants to spend as much free time as he can with Molly and Willie will….well, have champagne and caviar, and will figure out how to pay for it, later.

    The family invites councilman Archie ( Karate Kid- Ralph Macchio)over, trying to hook him up with Hilda. Hilda doesn’t want any part of it. Dinner is a bit awkward because Hilda is not really saying much and is not impressed with Archie. But toward the end as everyone leaves the table, Hilda and Archie know what the family is trying to do and laugh about it. They actually get along and Archie asks her out, and she says yes.

    So what did you think? Agree with the thought about the writers? Was the scene with Willie and Marc in the bedroom the best? Do you love how Betty and Claire interact?

    Leave me your 2 cents

    Circular hallway: silver roller-skate vases and white birds- very cool

  2. In my opinion...I think the writers are totally rushing this relationship, I mean come on, he's already having breakfast with them. I was totally pissed at that cause I was like how come Henry never had breakfast with them. And in the previews for next week she's already to go up to his apartment...A little too fast, I think! They barely even know each other(that's what I think.)So much for putting her love life on hold for a while. I mean it took her and Henry almost a year and a half before well you know. ;) Love the scenes with Marc and Willi, the bedroom scene..too funny!

  3. D
    I am glad you see it the same as I do! I never got to see Henry enjoy a meal with the family, so don't you think when she said "I wouldn't call him my boyfriend" you just wanted to go "WHAT!!"

  4. Pretty much!! I mean for someone who she said she wouldn't call her boyfriend, she sure kissed him like he was, like the kiss she gave him when she left to go to work. And you don't go around kissing a guy like that if he wasn't your boyfriend.. I mean, if he wasn't she would've kissed him on the cheek but she didn't.

  5. I disagree. I've had guys that I've dated, didn't consider boyfriend, but still kissed that way. However, I'm torn about the way the story line is progressing. I think they are moving it a little fast, but I was also annoyed by how they dragged out the Henry story line, so I appreciate not having to go through that again.


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