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Survivor – Recap & Review – You're Going to Want That Tooth

Survivor: Tocantins
You're Going to Want That Tooth

Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

The winds, they are a changin'. Literally. There is a storm brewing in the Brazilian Highlands, and I hope it's Coach that gets hit the hardest... cause he is CRAZY. Let's see what happened!

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  1. The Top 12 Things I Learned on Survivor

    Tribe Timbira
    Brendan: He went to Exile Island. Again. Anyone surprised? Nope.

    Sierra: She finally got a chance to talk with Brendan about the oh-so-awesome cross-tribe alliance with Taj and Stephen, but not before she got in some good digs on his jerkiness at not telling her before.

    Debra: She thought it was nice of Brendan to not pick Taj to go to Exile Island again… until she realized that maybe there was some “aligning” going on. Hmmm…

    Tyson: As stupid as some of the things this yahoo pulls, he actually noticed the relationships Brendan is building with the other tribe, and warned the other Timbira castaways. He’s gonna be watching Brendan carefully from now on.

    Erinn: She still hates Coach, and I still completely agree with her.

    Coach: Man, this guy thinks he is SO awesome. He can even predict the weather. Please, please, please vote him off the very next chance you get! I. Can’t. Stand. Him.

    Tribe Jalapio
    Sydney: Her only role in tonight’s episode was to talk to Spencer about her boyfriend, which led to Spencer coming out to the cameraman… not her.

    Joe: In the Immunity Challenge (a wacky mixture of sling-shots and lacrosse nets), Joe tweaked up his knee in a bad way. To make matters worse, after they lost, he returned to camp and a verbal lashing from Taj. Why did she single out Joe? Because he was standing there. Not a good move (for either of them).

    JT: He almost single-handedly won Immunity for his tribe (even sacrificing a tooth)… too bad they did nothing to seal the deal. Frustrated with the tribe’s performance, he targeted Spencer for elimination.

    Stephen: This guy is a little tricky. Taj gave him the Hidden Immunity Idol for safe-keeping, which (in his mind) meant that the idol is his and his alone. He is not 100% on board with the cross-tribe alliance, and even questioned whether or not he would tell Taj that she was in danger of elimination. Shady.

    Taj: Because of her blow up at Joe, and because she has not bonded much with the other tribe mates (thank you, Exile Island), Taj was in some danger at Tribal Council. The only good play she had was, when asked if she had the HII at TC, she was able to look Joe right in the eye and say “No” because Stephen had it. And did anyone notice that she is now listed as “Former Pop Star?” What?

    Spencer: My sweet little gay boy… we hardly got to know you! But when you under-perform in challenges and don’t bond with your tribe mates, you’re bound to go home. Farewell!

    What do YOU think? Did the right person leave? Do your teeth hurt like mine do right now? Who will be sent packing next? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll hire a private eye to find out more about this “Former Pop Star” thing.

    Remember: No Survivor for two weeks!

  2. More Sydney! More Sydney! More Sydney!

  3. Coach is so creepy. I'm even creeped out by the fact he doesn't have a name on the show, just Coach.

    Taj is actually a former pop star. I looked her up a few weeks ago and she was in the group SWV in the 90s. She needs to make sure she doesn't tell anyone there about it or she'll go home so fast!


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