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The Office - Recap & Review - Two Weeks

The Office
Two Weeks

Original Air Date: Mar 26, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Last week Michael quit in David Wallace’s office. Let’s see what happens to Dunder Mifflin’s beloved boss…

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  1. We get to see Michael enjoy his last two weeks at Dunder Mifflin and apparently, as Jim points out, a difference between Michael trying and Michael not trying. Michael wanders around distracting everyone else, sipping a glass of Scotch mixed with Splenda, and in general, helping people do as little work as possible! Michael basically throws out even the simplest task given to him by the new boss.

    New candidates begin to trickle in- Charles (the new boss) has decided to “hire outside- for obvious reasons”. One mentions it is particularly hard to find anyone hiring right now and Michael looks a little bit more worried. Michael calls the only contact he has- Prince Paper- only to find out they have gone out of business (that recorded message from that nice old man almost made me cry OMG!).

    Michael invites Jim into his office (after throwing a Koosh ball at him) and informs Jim he is starting his own paper company- Michael Scott Paper Company. Jim makes another poor impression with Charles when he walks in on Jim’s little pow-wow with Michael.

    Meanwhile, Pam is trying to setup the new copier and Kelly and Angela keep trying to seduce Charles unsuccessfully. Michael is trying to recruit people for his new company but no one is interested. Not Dwight, Jim, Stanley, Oscar. Not even Andy. Pam finally gets the copier setup and she’s rather proud of herself! Yay Pam!

    Charles finds one of the contracts Michael is preparing for Michael Scott Paper Company so Charles fires him early and has security escort him out. He tries to give a speech but Charles stops it. There goes, Michael, driving away in his convertible. But, of course, he sneaks back- literally crawling around the office to try and grab contracts and stuff for his new company. He gives a classic Michael speech but no one is persuaded to go with him and he gets kicked out again. Suddenly, Pam runs out and goes with Michael but says she wants to be a salesman not a receptionist.

    What the hell is Pam thinking? I guess we’ll see. Give me your two cents? What gags did you find hilarious??

    Thomas’ favorite gags:
    • Michael “stealing” papers off Jim’s desk with the sticky hand thing.
    • Seeing all the bad things that have happened to the copier machine over the years.
    • Jim hears screaming from Michael’s desk and, without prompt, shouts out “its singular”.
    • Michael throwing Koosh balls at Jim for the sake of getting his attention!
    • Dwight’s German is “…pre-industrial and mostly religious”
    • Michael put a note in Oscar’s lunch to meet him in the parking lot.
    • Toby: “Michael’s like a movie on a plane, ya know, it’s not great but it’s something to watch. And then when it’s over you’re like how much time is left on this flight. Now what?”


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