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The Office - Recap & Review - New Boss

The Office
New Boss

Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Greetings everyone! I'm going to be taking over "The Office" for a month or two while our friend Shannon tends to her baby. Hope you'll all stick around for the ride with me as your temporary bus driver!

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    The new boss arrives, I am assuming this is Jan’s replacement, and unfortunately Jim is still dressed in his tux. Michael apparently didn’t tell anyone that Charles was coming in. And when Charles is being introduced to people Michael also didn’t tell anyone about the stuff corporate had been sending out regarding cuts during the recession.

    Evidently, 401(k) matches are being frozen, and all overtime requests have to go through corporate. Charles also encourages a petty cash freeze as well. Michael, of course, not big on bad news, rushes Charles out but he wants to stay for the day.

    Michael makes an attempt to get to know Charles and of course Michael makes it as painful as possible. He explains he doesn’t need to be managed. Charles explains that that isn’t really how it is going to be. Michael tries to call David and clarify.

    Charles dissolves the party planning committee after hearing they spend hours planning parties. Michael is not meshing at all with Charles. Michael is now on a mission- he is going to New York to talk to David Wallace. Meanwhile, Jim just keeps digging his own grave by having been in the Party Planning Committee Meeting and by trying to explain that he is #2 even though it is still technically a made up position.

    And Charles is out of there. Angela and Kelly happen to be instantly infatuated with Charles. Michael, of course, pours his heart out to David. David tries to appease Michael by letting him have the party but Michael is obviously bummed out and decides to quit!
    Calm down, people, he’ll obviously be back!

    Awesome intro- Jim is dressed in a tux and they are trying to plan Michael’s 15 year anniversary party. Michael is mesmerized by Jim’s tux and basically agrees with everything Jim says- even after Dwight has already said it and disagreed with him. Eventually Dwight storms out of the room. It was pretty funny.

    Jim trying to explain why he is wearing a tux to Charles is hilariously awkward.

    Michael introduces Oscar as a Hispanic man who just got out of a relationship with a man, and Angela as the girl who has slept with a bunch of guys in the office.

    Michael asks if David is coming to his 15-year party. He also asks if it would help with payroll if he hired Cirque Du Soleil as employees. David is literally speechless for a good ten seconds and then simply says “no”.

    Dwight trying to get David Wallace on the phone (as Michael Scotch) by saying he has David’s son in the trunk of his car.

    Michael is literally stalking David on the phone because he is so upset about Charles. It’s pretty entertaining.

    Michael: “David, it was my understanding that I was not going to be managed.”
    David: “What gave you that idea?”
    Michael: “it was my understanding.”
    David: “I see…”

    Pam: “I can tell Michael’s mood by which comedy routine he chooses to do. The more infantile the more upset he is. And he just skipped the Ace Ventura talking butt thing. He never skips it. This is bad.”

    Ok, readers, batter up! What was your favorite joke, gag or quote from the episode??

  2. Thanks Thomas! Great review!

    My favorite was Angela at the end with all her makeup running down her face calling Kelly "dumpster diving".


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